Get The Look – Ralph Lauren Embroidered Motorcycle Jacket

This Ralph Lauren embroidered motorcycle jacket is certainly lust-worthy, with it’s hardcore yet elegant look all in one, however, the $6,000 price tag is a little less appealing. Yikes! There are lots of ways you can get this look for a fraction of the price…

First, find yourself a nice thrift store or ebay leather jacket. Many acceptable ones can be had for only $20-30, and cheaper, vegan alternatives are even easier to embroider on.

Next, grab some of your favorite designs from the Mendhika collection. These elegant and airy designs are similar to the pretty ones on Ralph Lauren, but don’t have the heavy stitch count that can sometimes spell trouble on leather. Try swapping in a leather needle on your machine (and check out this tutorial for leather stitching tips) and pick some beautiful, golden thread colors. Embroidery is easy to add to the back and front with minimal hassle, and if you’re brave enough to split the seam on a sleeve, you can add it to the shoulders too.

Finally, finish off your newly embroidered jacket with some beautiful gold vintage buttons, replacing the silver studs where you can.

Done and done. And thankfully, we are light years away from a $6000 price tag. Thrifty & crafty to the rescue!

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3 Responses to “Get The Look – Ralph Lauren Embroidered Motorcycle Jacket”

  1. 1
    Sandra says:

    Can we see the finished jacket soon?

  2. 2
  3. 3
    Amy says:

    Wow, love it! now if only I had some time and not so many other projects on the go I would be making this! xx

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