Get The Look – Anthropologie Flyaway Embroidered Dress

Love the look of boutique clothes, but not the price tag? Don’t stress! A crafty fashionista knows she can get the same looks for less, by making them herself. In this new series, we’ll show you how to get similar styles out of thrift store or homemade goods, and some creative embroidery.

Today’s look? This cute little embroidered number from Anthropologie.

Get the look your way with just a simple thrifted skirt, some black lace edging from the fabric store, and this cool Baroque Punk swallow design. You could even try a few celtic knotwork designs in black to really match the look.

Repeat your swallow embroidery around the skirt, and then just stitch on the lace trim.

Done! You’ve got a chic look for less with the power of your machine.

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One Response to “Get The Look – Anthropologie Flyaway Embroidered Dress”

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    Caitlin Rose says:

    This new series is brilliant.

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