The Unraveled World of Faig Ahmed

Do not refresh your monitor in an attempt to get the top part of that picture to load. That, my dears, was made that way. These are the wonderful creations of Azerbajani¬†artist¬†Faig Ahmed. What are these carpets all about? Faig’s website explains…

Faig Ahme explores composition of a traditional Azerbaijanian carpet by disjointing its structure and placing its canonic elements into open space. Carpet is more a time structure than a graphical one. Initially it was considered as a sophisticated sort of writing rather than a mere decorative piece. And to read those written signs is a temporal process. By separating those signs and symbols Faiq switches the carpet from two-dimensional plane to three-dimensional space where it comes to life.

His carpets have gotten him international attention, but he has stretched his ideas into the physical space in even more ways, like with this installation pieces that seem to be a whole embroidered space, instead of a surface.

By taking traditional embroidery motifs off the rug, onto a wall and then shooting off into the world, his work jumps out in more than just the literal sense.

It’s not just the sense of reinventing the traditional work of tapestry and needlework, but the sense of such a refined craft that also holds an edge of unraveling at all times. I would just love love to see one of these in person.

Want more? Sure you do. See more images of his work on his website.

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    gabriela says:

    wow! that beautiful

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