A Tale of Subversive Stitchers Documentary

I’ve you’ve got 20 minutes in your day, you should take the time to watch this insightful mini documentary about needlework and it’s potential for social and personal impact. It follows both Fine Cell Work, a group of prisoners who have taken up needle work while incarcerated, and the Craftivist Collective, a small but growing movement using simple craft to make a statement. It’s amazing how something like a basic craft can mean so much to different people.

Click the image to go to the video or see it over on the Stitched Stories website.

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One Response to “A Tale of Subversive Stitchers Documentary”

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    Jean says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. I ****LOVE**** this video. After watching it I’m inspired to do something random. What I love most out of it, is that one can really use any decorative art form for this purpose…

    Thanks so much… you literally just made my day!

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