Featured Project – Enchanted Fairy Wings

We love it at Urban Threads when you guys find ways of using our designs that we never even thought of. Your ingenuity always keeps us inspired, and this week’s featured project is just about as enchanting as it is inspiring!

Krista Lueders of MaeFlowers & JuneBugs took our fairy wings design, and upgraded it to full on freestanding awesomeness. Krista explains a little about her project and what went into creating this adorable costume.

I love the use of the fairy wings design! What inspired you to try it out in a new way?

I’ve always loved fairies, but hate the cheap wire and nylon wings that tend to fall apart quickly. I know my daughter has torn up a few pairs of those and wanted to do something that would last a whole day on her back. She’s almost 4, so that’s a big issue. I had found a costume pattern that had instructions on how to make the net and wire wings that velcro onto the back of a bodice. I ran with that idea and combined it with the fairy wing embroidery.

How long did the design take you? What challenges did you run into along the way?

Overall, the whole costume took about 3-4 days. The wings didn’t take long to stitch out, but constructing them is another story! I also had to enlarge the embroidery design a few times to get the right size.

Any tips for other people looking to try it out themselves?

Don’t skimp on your felt or velcro! And just be creative with the colors! Use your felt as another color in the design, since quite a bit of the felt will show through the embroidery. Also be mindful of the color felt used for the back piece, since that will show, too.

What went into making the costume? Did you use a pattern or make it up yourself?

I modified an existing pattern for the crop top and bodice, the tutu is strips of tulle sewn into a ribbon band with elastic and a hook and eye closure. I had to play with the velcro placement on the wings and bodice to make sure that they lined up just right to give the proper look.

How did the little one like it? Any plans for any more costumes?

She loved it!!!

So did everyone who saw her at the Texas Renaissance Festival onHalloween! Plus I loved how at the end of the day, her wings were still ready to take flight!

I have started making and selling these little fairies in my etsy shoppe and I’m currently working on a few Patriotic Fairies, just in time for the 4th of July! I’m also starting a line of “Build-A-Fairy” costumes to be sold both online and (hopefully soon) at Renaissance Festivals.

What an adorable costume, and what fabulous pictures! That’s a little girl who knows how much she rocks at being a fairy. Plus, I can see freestanding wings being a hit with fairies of all ages.

What? I still go to the ren fest. I may or may not have a costume. You can’t prove anything…

If you’re looking for some more enchantment, you can also check out her lovely blog. That’s for sharing Krista! I hope I spot some wings at my local ren fair!


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2 Responses to “Featured Project – Enchanted Fairy Wings”

  1. 1
    Bree says:

    OMG!!!too friggin cute and so creative!! girl got skills!!! wish i could do that!

  2. 2
    Lynda says:

    I do a Ren Faire in Corona, CA. I’ve made the FSL hats (tricorn) and will be making some of the top hats.

    The Fairy wings are darling. I have a booth at the Koroneberg Faire, and have found that your designs really are loved by customers.

    My daughters got me involved, I’m now a grandmother. See anyone is welcome. lol

    How about making the wings in some other sizes, that can be put together like the hats. That might be useful.

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