UT Tutorial – Chore Monster

Do your little ones need some motivation to get their chores done?

Chore Monster is here to help. With a chalkboard fabric tummy and pocket full of cookies just waiting to be eaten, he’s the perfect new way to get your little tykes into crossing off their chores.

How does he work?

Start by writing a couple of chores on your list. For each chore you write, drop a cookie in his front pocket. Every time you complete a chore, you feed your monster one of his cookies and cross your chore off the list.

Once you’ve fed your monster all of his cookies, your chores are done! When your monster is full you can retrieve the cookies from the back pocket to do it all again.

Easy peasy!

Besides, they HAVE to get their chores done now, or monster goes hungry. You don’t want a hungry monster hanging around in your room. Before you know it they’ll have eaten all your pillows. True fact. Saw it on Discovery Channel.

Want to make your own? Get the tutorial here.

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3 Responses to “UT Tutorial – Chore Monster”

  1. 1
    Lizzie says:

    You saw it on the Discovery channel… lol. That cracked me up! Thanks for making me smile. My little one is in college now, but it would be perfect for a 4 yr old in our family. Fantastic idea, thanks!

  2. 2
    Angie says:

    Do you have packs for making this a little easier for those who do not have any way to make these, or any sewing talent (lol)?

  3. 3

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