New Spoonflower Collections!

The Craft Tattoo Collection, featuring all your favorite designs from the Craft or Die embroidery series on a fabric, with a matching coordinate! Get it in either traditional black or faded vintage.

Check out the Tattoo collection here!

One of the most hotly requested fabrics since we started (behind Dark Fairytales, which are coming soon, we promise!) is the Sinbonnet Sue Collection, coordinating with either the Seven Deadly Sues embroidery pack, or the Sinbonnet Sues embroidery pack. There’s a fun matching coordinate of Sue’s shoes (that’s kinda fun to say) that will go with either of the Sue designs. You can finally make that Sinbonnet Sue quilt you’ve been dreaming about.

Check out the Sue collection here!

Finally, we couldn’t resist turning all our favorite primitive circus gang into their very own Cirque Noir Collection, to match the Cirque Noir embroidery pack. Get it either the classic moody purple, or a brighter and slightly retro vintage pink.

Check out the Cirque Noir collection here!

Want more? Be sure to visit our full Spoonflower store to see what amazing fabrics we have that match your favorite embroidery designs. And keep your eyes posted, even more new collections are coming soon! Is there a series you’re just dying to get some matching fabric for? Leave your requests in the comments.

Happy crafting!


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One Response to “New Spoonflower Collections!”

  1. 1
    Cecily says:

    Steampunk Natura!! and dark fairy tales….and maybe apothecary?

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