Painted Thread Spools

Categorize this as things I didn’t know I should never throw away (that is, if all thread were awesome enough to be on wooden spools)…

If you’re unlucky like me to pretty much have all plastic thread spools, especially ones completely devoid of charming illustrations , then lucky enough for you there’s Amy Blackwell. She paints and sells these adorable additions to anyone’s craft room, and has given me serious inspiration if I ever DO get a spool that isn’t a wad of plastic.

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One Response to “Painted Thread Spools”

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    Maeve says:

    Just FYI, but I think most crafts stores sell empty wooden spools these days, so maybe you could forgo trying to find old ones to use and make new ones LOOK old. Just a thought, and I hope it helps! 🙂 (I know how all-over-the-place inspiration can be, believe me!)

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