Flickr Find – Bunny Balaclava

Sheer awesomness spotted in the flickr group:



How much do you want this?

Because I want it enough to not only have a reason to wish for cold weather, but I’d even try my hand at knitting. And we all know that wouldn’t be pretty. I’m pretty sure my bunny would be lucky to have a mouth, let alone an awesome set of those fanged chompers.

The more eagle eyed of you are no doubt noticing this looks an awful lot like a giant Craft Bunny is trying to eat her head, and that’s because this is Wickedstepmother1969‘s pattern for a Monty Python bunny (read: craft bunny) that is so awesome not only does it look like he’s gleefully chomped your whole head, but you also sort of look like a deranged ninja to boot.

Love it Wickedstepmother1969! You made my day today.

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