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Handmade Highlights – Mendhika Medallion


Debbie stitched the Mendhika Medallion with such delicate detail. The subtle bead work is a lovely touch. These designs are very complex, and her dedication to the craft of embroidery shows.

Handmade Highlights – Cherry Blossom Ship WIP


Adoring this in-progress shot of the Cherry Blossom Ship design. I love the varied embroidery thread weight that Hal Calico used to make the ship really pop. It looks so sophisticated stitched all in cream.

Handmade Highlights – Earth Mother


Instagram user Erika (end80), shared this gorgeous shot of her nearly finished WIP Earth Mother. I love all the different textured stitches used to bring the piece to life. This piece makes me want to sit under a tree on a warm summer day and stitch all afternoon. What a great summer project!

Handmade Highlights – The Little Mermaid

UT handstitcher Lisa stitched this dark mermaid for her niece's birthday using an Urban Threads dark fairytales design.

UT handstitcher Lisa stitched this dark mermaid for her niece’s birthday. She had a unique twist on presenting, it which she explains, “Rather than hoop this embroidery up once complete, I decided to stretch the fabric over an artists canvas, I really like the clean, contemporary look.” Lisa also mentioned her niece told her that she loves her Little Mermaid and has hung it in her house. What a brilliant birthday present!

Handmade Highlights – Sailing In Progress


I know we usually feature finished hand embroidery projects, but this ship in a bottle embroidery from instagram user Jen already looks stunning. Those delicate, careful stitches are just enchanting. She’s hoping to finish in time to give it her dad on Father’s Day. I can’t wait to see it all done!

Handmade Highlights – Koi Bag

Hand stitched Koi bag with Urban Threads design

Mrs. Lacer stitched up this gorgeous hand embroidered Koi during her first experiment with Sulky Solvy to transfer images. What amazing detail, and how lovely to see it already turned into something darling and usable. So often these masterpieces get stitched and then never showcased. Great work Mrs. Lacer!

Handmade Highlights – Butterfly Hoop


Aimee D hand stitched these incredible butterfly hoops. I love the colors she used, transforming the butterfly completely from the original design. I love when hand embroiderers take UT designs to new beautiful heights with their crafty talents. Check out the Miniature Menagerie pack for a few more summery insects and decorative designs, all great for hand stitching!