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Embroider Things

I just want to drink tea and embroider things.

Or coffee. Or wine. or a cocktail or two. You get the idea.



No truer words from a great creative.



Creation is magic.

Keep Dreaming



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Urban Threads Runway Fashions

A chill is full in the air and fashion showcases are going on up and down runways around the world. We’re celebrating fall fashions all this week as part of our Fall Sale, and we thought we’d do a quick roundup of Urban Threads fashions that really have walked the runway, from a number of very talented fashion designers who use machine embroidery as one of their tools of the trade.

These stunning fashion images are courtesy of Jenny Jeshko for the Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Weekend, Tim+Thom for the Red Dress Collection, Alt.Kilt for NY Fashion Week, Ivy Frozen for the Japan Expo 2014 and Scoundrelle’s Keep for the fall Pomme de Sang show.

1146490_917524738277079_7463509129282722046_nJenny Jeshko

10704045_10152430008379331_6494326720639323099_nScoundrelle’s Keep

15149883282_f62829fd29_kAlt Kilt

14937236887_b109b7326c_k Ivy Frozen

10402958_734653543254695_3552120096132717103_nScoundrelle’s Keep

10599337_907737995922420_1121501470123213926_nJenny Jeshko

10696257_10152430005494331_392701432966304297_nScoundrelle’s Keep

15123864255_297b6f4abc_kIvy Frozen


10450444_734658589920857_2858584041458089260_nScoundrelle’s Keep

10665742_911900255506194_6712562818831105523_nJenny Jeshko

From home machines to runway ready, machine embroidery is finding a new place and new audiences all over the world. We love seeing what these superstars of fashion do with Urban Threads designs.

If you want a piece of fall fashion to yourself, craft it up at home with the Fall Fashion Sale, going on now through the weekend. We may not all get a piece of the runway, but we can look like we do!

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