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Tools for the Machine Embroiderer


Eileen of Designs in Machine Embroidery has posted a list of 12 Household Tools for the Machine Embroiderer. There are some great hacks and ideas here for crafting tools you might already be using, plus common household objects that can help make your crafting experience easier and the resulting projects awesome. I’m a big fan of using plastic hair claw thingies for the binder clip trick…


New Old-Timey Sewing Machine

Singer 160 sewing machine

In celebration of its 160th anniversary, Singer has released the new limited edition Singer 160 sewing machine, which looks like this. All the awesome styling of Grandma’s old machine, now with electronics. Cute! I’ve got a perfectly lovely machine, but am not quite above wanting this just for looks…


P.S. For the interested, looks like they’ve got a repin-to-win giveaway going on through 3/23.

P.P.S. We’re machine-neutral around here, in case you’re curious. Just figured some of you would find this nifty.

P.P.P.S. Dear sewing machine companies: You know what would be really awesome? Taking another cue from the old sewing machines and bringing metal-body machines back into style. Pleeeease? Kthxbai.

For the Geeks

Raise your hand if you chuckled.

Well hi there, Firefly geeks.

Seriously awesome design hack by tada boutique, using our “Extinction Bites” dino mixed with our “Dino-mite” design. And yes, you can buy it in her etsy shop!

Happy Pi Day!

Yup, it’s 3/14 and it’s time for some yummy looking Pi!

So how does one celebrate in the best way geek-turned-embroidery fans do? With some math-tastic designs. Grab this pretty pi design above here, get some delicious pi here, or wear your nerd on your sleeve. Or as a pocket. Whateva’

Not enough nerd for you? Don’t worry, we have a whole section devoted to it.

Happy Pi Day!

Give Your Machine A Facelift

Your sewing machine looking a bit… bland of late? 33stitches has a pretty cool idea on how to give it a facelift… a new coat of paint! I admit I’d be a bit leery of making the knobs and such all sticky, and Julie does mention it still works, but was more intended as a decor piece. I’m guessing with a careful brush instead of a spray can you could get similar results with less risk.  Check out her full post for the how-to.

Steampunk embroidery machine here I come! I wonder if I could design decals?

via pinterest

Urban Threads Ink

Check out this awesome new ink from Urban Threadster Laurel!

She used our Shoulder Swallows design to stitch this beautiful tattoo on the back of her neck. I think this is a really gorgeous rendition of these designs.

Laurel isn’t the first UT fan to get inked. I thought it high time to do a quick roundup of all the Urban Threads inspired ink we’ve had come in since we started making designs…

Urban Threadster Amanda got a gorgeous mix of our steampunk koi and earth mother.

Urban Threadster Becky went under the gun to get this gorgeous stitchy creation. Isn’t she such a doll? Incidentally, this same design was used recently to be turned into a real life doll!

Flickr user Terryboc used our flourish design to take her wolf, representing her father, and her horse, representing her mother, and tie it all together.

steampunk butterfly tattoo

Jacqueline got this sweet steampunk tattoo, based on the steampunk butterfly design.

pirate captain's UT tattoo (really)

Cap’n Linda with her favorite UT skully, based on our Celtic Skull design. Seriously, she’s a pirate captain. She even has a matching flag.

Craft or Die tattoo

Finally, Annie got the tattoo-style Craft or Die design as an actual tattoo on her arm. I just adore the colors in this one.

*EDIT* – We have a new one!

Earth Mother Tattoo

Heather loved the Earth Mother design so much, she got this gorgeous tattoo inspired by it. I love the interpretation by the tattoo artist.

Got an Urban Threads tattoo of your own? Share a photo — we’d love to see!

UT Designs Come to Life

Here’s a first … a doll inspired by an Urban Threads design!

UT stitcher Elizabeth colored in the hand embroidery pattern of the “Such a Doll” design just how she liked it, then created a doll from scratch to look just like her using the new Monster Factory designs.  She’s got hand-crocheted hair and her very own big spool of thread.  Incredible!