Lace Candle Wrap

It’s starting to creep in... those slightly longer nights, the shorter days, just a hint of chill in the mornings...

Autumn is right around the corner, and with it comes crisp nights of stargazing and romantic cuddling by candlelight. We can make that candlelight even more magical with just a little bit of lace... want to know how? Of course you do.

Little glass votive holders are cheap and cute, but usually not very inspiring past that. Let’s dress ours up with a beautiful lace votive wrap that evokes the colors and magic of the season. To make your wrap, you’ll need:

  • Your stitched leafy lace piece (check out this tute if you’re new to lace)
  • Spray paint (whatever colors you like, I’m addicted to metallics of late)
  • Standard size votive glass (about 2 inches wide, if you’ve stitched the small size lace)
  • Matching thread and needle

Now be warned, this tutorial is really really long and hard. Beginners beware! There are like...two whole steps.

I know. Hang on to your hats.

So, the first part, which doesn’t actually have to BE a step since it is optional, is to paint your lace.

As we discovered in our steampunk mask tutorial, you can indeed spray paint lace, and let me tell you, now that I know this, I’m probably going to spray paint everything.

So, if you want some autumnal transitional colors, start with your bronze color and lightly spray the bottom half of your lace, letting the middle blend as much as possible.

If you’re really swank (advanced people only!) you can add...

wait for it...

another layer of spray paint!

I added a pass of gold at the bottom to help the transition from fiery reds into deep golds of autumn.

Yup, this is advanced stuff, people.

Oooh, pretty colors...

Let your lace dry. I know, sometimes this is the hardest part.

Once your lace is dry, touch the two ends to form a lace loop, and stitch them together, using small stitches to keep the seam nice and neat.

Annd slip it on your candleholder!

I know, that was like... 4 steps. Even harder than I thought.

Now your lace votive looks beautiful, colorful and festive by day...

And by night, casts a beautiful ambient lace light across your table. Autumn is in the air!

Looking for more ways to make your home glow? Try Laura Bray's glitter lace candleholders, craft candleholders out of stiffened lace a la Martha, build a woodsy look with Fossil's tutorial, and turn some thread into a colorful tealight holder with help from Weddingbee.

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