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Animal Plush Kits

Go big and adorable with this 13" x 15.5" plush fox and 10" x 9.5" plush owl! This tutorial shows how to construct these loveable critters with just a 4" x 4" hoop, the right materials, and a couple hours' time.

To craft your plush fox, you will need:

  • Animal Plush Kit embroidery design
  • Plush shape template:
    Download the fox PDF here
    Download the owl PDF here
  • Thread for your embroidery
  • 1 yard orange fleece
  • 12 inch square of white felt
  • Polyfill stuffing
  • Medium weight cutaway stabilizer
  • Temporary spray adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Ruler
  • Printed templates of the embroidery designs
  • Air erase fabric marker


Begin by printing the plush shape template (PDF), listed above in the supplies. The shapes will print out onto several pieces of paper, which you will need to cut out and tape together using the letters and arrows marked on the sheets.

There is also a placement guide included in the last page of the PDF with the rough layout of the embroidery pieces.

You will also want to print templates of each embroidery design for placement, using embroidery software. Here's more on how to print design templates.

After you've cut out the paper plush shape templates, cut two pieces of 17" x 17" fleece and use an air erase marker to trace the body shape of your animal onto both, but  DO NOT CUT this fabric -- you will need the extra fabric for hooping the embroidery designs.

Next, for the fox use the "whale tale" plush shape template and an air erase marker to trace onto white felt, then cut the shape out carefully. For the owl, this will be a circular shaped piece.



Using temporary spray adhesive, adhere a 17" x 17" piece of medium weight cutaway stabilizer to the back side of your body fabric.

Position your white felt shape approximately 1/2" away from the bottom and sides of your body shape. Use temporary spray adhesive and pins to secure the piece in position for stitching.

Sew along the inside of your white felt piece, 1/4" away from the edge, using matching thread.



Now that your applique piece is attached, you can start planning where your embroidery is going! Use the fox guide provided on the last page of the PDF template to roughly match your embroidery pieces.

Use the owl guide provided on the last page of the PDF template to roughly match your embroidery pieces.



Lay out your printed design templates where you want them to go.

Use your air erase marker to mark the center of each template AND extend the four crosshairs out.

NOTE: It helps to label each of the design letters next to the center point of each marking so you can keep track of all the markings.



For each embroidery design, use the template to double check that you have your pattern laid out exactly how you want it to embroider. Make sure the crosshairs of the template and your markings line up with the crosshairs of your embroidery hoop.

Use the smallest hoop possible for each design, stitching only one piece per hooping, for best results.

Triple check your positioning! Make sure what you are seeing on your embroidery machine matches up with your hoop position. You will need to get creative with hooping multiple directions for the designs to sit properly.



This is what the finished embroidery should look like for the fox.

Now you can carefully cut out the animal shapes from your two pieces of body fabric, adding an extra 1/2" seam allowance to the outside.

NOTE: It is easier to cut through fleece with the stabilizer intact.



Lay your two animal shapes right sides together. To ensure a perfect stitch, you can retrace the paper template, right side down, on the back of your embroidery with an air erase marker. (Double check your markings are correct with the placement of your embroidery).

Pin the two pieces of fabric together, all the way around, with a 6" gap along one side. You will want to leave this opening so you can stuff your animal later.

Match your bobbin and top thread to your fabric color (in this case, orange) and sew along your outline. Make sure to back tack on either end of your 6" opening.



After you are done sewing, carefully cut notches into the edges along your animal -- this will make it easier to take shape.

Using the 6" opening you left, turn your animal plush right side out. You can use a scrap fabric in between the fleece and a hot iron to press all of the edges down neatly.



You can then stuff your plush to the desired consistency! Make sure to work the polyfill into all of the crevices.

Finally, use a straight stitch on your sewing machine (or hand stitch) the side opening closed.



Success! You've created an adorable stuffed animal. Now start snuggling!

Want a printer-friendly PDF of this page? You got it, bud.
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