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In-the-Hoop Corner Bookmark_image
In-the-Hoop Corner Bookmark Stitch up this adorable corner bookmark in-the-hoop, then snuggle up with a kitty and a good book!
Brushed Embroidery_image
Brushed Embroidery Stitch then brush to create a unique textured effect!
In-the-Hoop Cookies_image In-the-Hoop Cookies Stitch an in-the-hoop treat for your sweetie with adorable in-the-hoop cookie designs!
In-the-Hoop Crazy Quilt Blocks_image In-the-Hoop Crazy Quilt Blocks These in-the-hoop designs make wild crazy quilt patchwork simple and easy!
3D Applique_image 3D Applique Take embroidery to the next level with these unique designs on pillows, totes, and more!
In-the-Hoop Fluffy Plushies_image In-the-Hoop Fluffy Plushies Snuggle up to these adorable in-the-hoop creatures, made extra wild with faux fur!
Freestanding Petals Rose_image Freestanding Petals Rose Stitch the petals of this unique rose on water-soluble stabilizer, rinse to leave only thread, and let a lovely rose bloom!
Embroidering on Velvet_image Embroidering on Velvet Embossed embroidery creates a luxurious look on soft, textured velvet! We'll show you how to stitch this unique fabric.
Embroidering on Sheer Fabric_image Embroidering on Sheer Fabric Create a gorgeous, sophisticated look with embroidery on organza, chiffon, and other sheer fabrics!
Hooped Shadowbox_image Hooped Shadowbox Craft a serene scene with these shadowbox ornaments! Stitch each layer onto translucent organza, then hoop in hand embroidery hoops and stack together.
Nordic Gnome (In-the-Hoop)_image Nordic Gnome (In-the-Hoop) A faux fur beard brings over-the-top charm to this little in-the-hoop gnome! Just stitch, turn, and stuff -- we'll show you how.
Bobbinwork Embroidery_image Bobbinwork Embroidery Turn everything you know about embroidery upside down with unique bobbinwork designs!
Lace Trimmed Stocking (In-the-Hoop)_image Lace Trimmed Stocking (In-the-Hoop) Trim the Christmas tree or present tiny gifts in this little stocking! Stitch the lace first, then add it as you stitch this design in-the-hoop.
Layered Lace Ornaments_image Layered Lace Ornaments Craft some holiday magic with these layered freestanding lace ornaments!
Layered Lace Butterfly_image Layered Lace Butterfly Let these double layered lace butterflies bring natural beauty to your decor!
Embroidering with Thick Thread_image Embroidering with Thick Thread Thick thread brings a charming, textured look to your project. Learn tips and tricks for working with this special thread!
In-the-Hoop Quilt Blocks_image In-the-Hoop Quilt Blocks Get the convenience of machine embroidered applique, plus the look of traditional patchwork, with in-the-hoop quilt blocks!
3D Lace Skull_image 3D Lace Skull Craft spooky decor with this pretty skull, sculpted out of freestanding lace!
Macrame & Embroidery Wall Hanging_image Macrame & Embroidery Wall Hanging Embrace the latest in home decor trends and make your own macrame and freestanding organza embroidery creation.
3D Lace Fairy in Flight_image 3D Lace Fairy in Flight Flutter away with this 3-Dimensional lace fairy ornament!
Embroidering Over Seams_image Embroidering Over Seams Don't let garment seams hold you back! Embroider your designs over seams with ease.
Applique Basics_image Applique Basics Combine fun fabrics with embroidery to create a satin-edge applique project!
Quilted Block_image Quilted Block Add batting to individual quilt block designs to create epic projects!
Mushroom Pincushion_image Mushroom Pincushion Create a charming stuffed mushroom pincushion for your sewing room!
Lace Cowgirl Hat_image Lace Cowgirl Hat Create the perfect western-style tiny hat using this simple freestanding lace embroidery design!
Lace Lotus Candle Holder_image Lace Lotus Candle Holder Light up your home with this gorgeous freestanding lace lotus tealight holder.
Pop-Up Applique Tent_image Pop-Up Applique Tent Create a 3D applique piece with an adorable surprise hidden within!
Freestanding Organza_image Freestanding Organza Create vivid and dynamic ocean embroidery with designs spcifically digitized for freestanding organza!
Freestanding Organza Feather_image Freestanding Organza Feather Drift away with your own freestanding organza creations, specifically designed for a gorgeous delicate look.
Lace Butterfly Wreath_image Lace Butterfly Wreath Embroider delicate freestanding lace butterflies and craft a beautiful home decor piece with this simple tutorial.