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Design Name: Fierce Fox (UT7307)
Size: 6.61"w x 5.87"h (168 x 149mm)
Stitches: 35308
All thread numbers are Madeira rayon, 40 wt.
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Thread Order:
1 Lemon Drop #1171 inside ear, snout, tummy, tail tip
2 Lipstick Rose #1154 head top triangle, tail center pattern
3 Rust #1021 fox
4 Terra Cotta #1221 body spots, feet
5 Kiwi #1377 scarf
6 Emerald Black #1000 eyes, nose
7 Cornmeal #1066 tail line detail, ear line detail, face line detail, tummy line detail
8 Cotton Candy #1116 tail line detail, head line detail
9 Lipstick Rose #1154 tail base line detail, scarf line detail, inside ear center line detail
Threads Used:
Lemon Drop #1171
Lipstick Rose #1154
Rust #1021
Terra Cotta #1221
Kiwi #1377
Emerald Black #1000
Cornmeal #1066
Cotton Candy #1116
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