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Design Name: Clockwork Christmas Bird (UT2800)
Size: 5.51"w x 4.84"h (140 x 123mm)
Stitches: 25698
Thread numbers refer to Madeira 40 wt. rayon, and metallic thread where noted.
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Thread Order:
1 Marsh #1157 Outside tail feathers, large middle feather, clock
2 Root Beer #1230 Hat
3 Mulberry #1182 Tail feather, hat sash, berries
4 Olive Green #1156 Tail feather, clock detail
5 Dark Taupe #1136 Bird
6 Madeira Metallic Dark Gold #4005 Feet, gears, Large upper feather, wind-up key
7 Mulberry #1182 Neck, large bottom feather
8 Emerald Black #1000 Beak, swirl, bird detail, clock hands
9 Root Beer #1230 Hat brim
10 Tusk #1149 Clock face
11 Emerald Black #1000 Numbers, clock detail, eye
12 Madeira Metallic Dark Gold #4005 Eye border, clock detail
Threads Used:
Marsh #1157
Root Beer #1230
Mulberry #1182
Olive Green #1156
Dark Taupe #1136
Madeira Metallic Dark Gold #4005
Emerald Black #1000
Tusk #1149
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