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Capricious Creatures (Applique) (Design Pack)




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Go wild with these cute, quirky applique animals on shirts, quilts, and more!

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Included In: Other Animals | Applique

Designs Included in This Pack

Mr. Quirrels (Applique)
4.84"w x 4.21"h | 2986 stitches
Mr. Byrd (Applique)
4.29"w x 5.91"h | 3368 stitches
Mr. Olephant (Applique)
4.29"w x 4.92"h | 5976 stitches
Mr. Behr (Applique)
4.29"w x 5.55"h | 5156 stitches
Mr. Georgeaffe (Applique)
4.29"w x 5.51"h | 4981 stitches
Mr. Bun (Applique)
4.21"w x 5.35"h | 4861 stitches