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About This Product

Show your devotion to your favorite crafts with these tattoo-style designs!

Designs Included in This Pack

Craft or Die
4.29"w x 5.08"h | 24623 stitches
Quilt or Die
4.29"w x 5.08"h | 24544 stitches
Cross Stitch or Die
4.84"w x 4.88"h | 39494 stitches
Crochet or Die
4.84"w x 5.12"h | 30849 stitches
Stitch or Die
4.80"w x 6.42"h | 27515 stitches
Sew or Die
4.84"w x 5.24"h | 42495 stitches
Knit or Die
4.84"w x 5.71"h | 33945 stitches