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Cirque Alphabet (Design Pack)
Stitch some old-timey flair with this pretty cirque alphabet. Designs download as PDFs; use pattern transfer paper to trace designs for hand-stitching.
3.31"w x 5.00"h

Designs included in pack:  
Cirque Letter A
3.43"w x 2.99"h
Cirque Letter B
3.15"w x 2.99"h
Cirque Letter C
2.76"w x 3.19"h

Cirque Letter D
3.35"w x 2.99"h
Cirque Letter E
2.99"w x 3.19"h
Cirque Letter F
2.91"w x 3.03"h

Cirque Letter G
3.07"w x 2.99"h
Cirque Letter H
3.66"w x 2.99"h
Cirque Letter I
1.81"w x 2.99"h

Cirque Letter J
2.68"w x 3.19"h
Cirque Letter K
3.82"w x 3.07"h
Cirque Letter L
2.99"w x 3.35"h

Cirque Letter M
4.33"w x 3.03"h
Cirque Letter N
3.74"w x 3.31"h
Cirque Letter O
2.76"w x 2.99"h

Cirque Letter P
2.68"w x 3.07"h
Cirque Letter Q
3.27"w x 3.50"h
Cirque Letter R
3.03"w x 3.03"h

Cirque Letter S
2.68"w x 3.19"h
Cirque Letter T
2.72"w x 2.99"h
Cirque Letter U
3.39"w x 3.03"h

Cirque Letter V
3.50"w x 3.11"h
Cirque Letter W
5.00"w x 2.99"h
Cirque Letter X
3.62"w x 2.99"h

Cirque Letter Y
3.58"w x 3.11"h
Cirque Letter Z
2.28"w x 3.23"h
Cirque Number 0
2.32"w x 2.99"h

Cirque Number 1
1.97"w x 3.03"h
Cirque Number 2
2.13"w x 3.03"h
Cirque Number 3
2.24"w x 3.07"h

Cirque Number 4
2.44"w x 2.99"h
Cirque Number 5
2.40"w x 2.99"h
Cirque Number 6
2.44"w x 3.03"h

Cirque Number 7
2.24"w x 2.99"h
Cirque Number 8
2.13"w x 2.99"h
Cirque Number 9
2.28"w x 2.99"h

Cirque Punctuation - Exclamation Point
1.22"w x 2.99"h
Cirque Punctuation - Question Mark
2.09"w x 2.99"h
Cirque Punctuation - Dollar Sign
2.09"w x 2.99"h

Cirque Punctuation - At Sign
2.95"w x 3.07"h
Cirque Punctuation - Number Sign
1.81"w x 1.69"h
Cirque Punctuation - Ampersand
3.23"w x 3.03"h

Cirque Punctuation - Asterisk
1.18"w x 1.54"h
Cirque Punctuation - Slash
2.68"w x 2.99"h
Cirque Punctuation - Colon
0.63"w x 2.09"h

Cirque Punctuation - Period
0.55"w x 0.63"h
Cirque Punctuation - Comma
0.67"w x 1.06"h
Cirque Punctuation - Dash
1.97"w x 0.47"h
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