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Sea Glass (Freestanding Organza) (Design Pack)






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Embroider these nautical designs onto organza fabric with water soluble stabilizer, then rinse to reveal freestanding ocean creations. Follow project instructions for details.

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Included In: Boutique | Pirates & Nautical

Designs Included in This Pack

Sea Glass - Anchor (Freestanding Organza)
5.43"w x 6.14"h | 13785 stitches
Sea Glass - Conch Shell (Freestanding Organza)
5.98"w x 5.83"h | 12471 stitches
Sea Glass - Fan Shell (Freestanding Organza)
6.46"w x 5.91"h | 21978 stitches
Sea Glass - Butterflyfish (Freestanding Organza)
6.38"w x 4.45"h | 16137 stitches
Sea Glass - Clownfish (Freestanding Organza)
6.34"w x 3.39"h | 10861 stitches
Sea Glass - Sand Dollar (Freestanding Organza)
6.38"w x 5.87"h | 17765 stitches
Sea Glass - Seahorse (Freestanding Organza)
3.86"w x 6.30"h | 11442 stitches
Sea Glass - Spiral Shell (Freestanding Organza)
5.87"w x 5.55"h | 11601 stitches
Sea Glass - Starfish (Freestanding Organza)
5.87"w x 5.67"h | 13310 stitches