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Stitch this collection of distinctive butterflies onto water-soluble stabilizer, then rinse to reveal freestanding lace. Hang as ornaments, or collect them in your office!

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Included In: Butterflies | Freestanding Lace

Designs Included in This Pack

Chrysalis - Monarch (Lace)
4.84"w x 4.88"h | 26340 stitches
Chrysalis - Tiger Swallowtail (Lace)
4.88"w x 4.88"h | 26687 stitches
Chrysalis - Buckeye (Lace)
4.96"w x 4.88"h | 29278 stitches
Chrysalis - Malachite (Lace)
4.88"w x 4.88"h | 32086 stitches
Chrysalis - Blue Morpho (Lace)
4.88"w x 4.88"h | 32508 stitches
Chrysalis - Green Birdwing (Lace)
5.00"w x 4.88"h | 25463 stitches