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Vintage Charms (Design Pack)




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About This Product

Stitch these tiny charms on their own, or "hang" them from lines of stitching or chains!

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Included In: Boutique | Scribbles | Light Stitching

Designs Included in This Pack

Feather Charm
0.63"w x 1.93"h | 963 stitches
Key Charm
0.75"w x 1.73"h | 655 stitches
Wing Charm
0.91"w x 2.01"h | 1308 stitches
Jewel Charm
0.47"w x 0.87"h | 325 stitches
Locket Charm
0.98"w x 0.91"h | 927 stitches
Seashell Charm
0.43"w x 1.54"h | 534 stitches