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Baditude Bunnies (Design Pack)




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These bunnies are cute and lovable … but don't tell them that!

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Included In: Bunnies

Designs Included in This Pack

Hardcore Bunny
2.76"w x 3.23"h | 10988 stitches
Rockin' Bunny
2.76"w x 3.54"h | 9747 stitches
2.76"w x 3.23"h | 11198 stitches
Define Good
2.76"w x 3.66"h | 14105 stitches
Hippity Hop
2.64"w x 3.90"h | 12214 stitches
Whatevs Bunny
2.76"w x 3.39"h | 7739 stitches
Party Like It's Your Birthday
2.76"w x 3.86"h | 12104 stitches
Snow Bunny
2.76"w x 2.91"h | 12338 stitches