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Apothecary (Design Pack)
UTP1041    |     Thread List
Craft a vintage apothecary with these designs on bath decor and more. Please note that this pack doesn't contain as many designs as the larger versions, becase not all have sizes this small. The same tag design is in all sizes of this pack.

Designs included in pack:  
Scented Herbs and Smelling Salts Sachet (In the Hoop)
3.35"w x 3.86"h
10014 stitches
Thread List
Handmade in Paris Tag (In the Hoop)
2.44"w x 3.86"h
4068 stitches
Thread List
Elixir Apothecary Label
2.95"w x 3.86"h
22454 stitches
Thread List

Tonic Apothecary Label
3.86"w x 2.36"h
18348 stitches
Thread List
Love Potion Apothecary Label
3.58"w x 3.86"h
25205 stitches
Thread List
Miracle Cure Apothecary Label
3.86"w x 2.95"h
16255 stitches
Thread List

Ether Apothecary Label
3.07"w x 3.86"h
21706 stitches
Thread List
Liniment Apothecary Label
2.95"w x 3.86"h
20572 stitches
Thread List
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