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Press and Praise for Urban Threads

Urban Threads designs and tutorials have been featured in sewing magazines and top trend-setting blogs -- an honor and a delight! We love that our unique and innovative approach to embroidery is making a splash far and wide. Below are just a few of the magazines and sites that have featured our work:

Thanks to all who support Urban Threads, help us grow, and keep us busy with your new requests and ideas. Check out the buzz below!

Stitches, December 2014

#46, Power 75: The Most Influential People in the Industry
Creative Machine Embroidery, November 2014

Rockin' Stocking; Trend Spotting: Rustic Chic
Creative Machine Embroidery, September 2014

Let It Glow; Trend Spotting: Historical Inspiration
Flair, Summer 2014

With Love from Paris
Creative Machine Embroidery, July 2014

Trend Spotting: Ombre
Sew It All, Volume 8

luff & Fold
Creative Machine Embroidery, May 2014

Trend Spotting: Antique Chic
Printwear, March 2014

Stock Embroidery Designs
Creative Machine Embroidery, March 2014

Trend Spotting: Texture Treatments
Creative Machine Embroidery, January 2014

Trend Spotting: Lace Looks
Stitches, December 2013

#53, Power 75: The Most Influential People in the Industry
Designs in Machine Embroidery, November 2013

Elegant Winter Wreath
Generation Q, September 2013

Trendology: Machine Embroidery
Creative Machine Embroidery, September 2013

Split Decision
Stitches, July 2013

Niche: Pet-Inspired Apparel
Creative Machine Embroidery, July 2013

Full Steampunk Ahead
Made In Felt, Summer 2013

The Giving Bunny Project
Creative Machine Embroidery, May 2013

Must Haves
Cloth, Issue 18

Nifty Needles
Stitches, May 2013

The Best Piece I Ever Embroidered
Mastering the Art of Embroidery

Digital Embroidery
Stitches, January 2013

5-Minute Wisdom: Shop Owners' Top Secrets; Improve Facebook Engagement
Sewing World, January 2013

Sew Switched On!
Stitches, December 2012

#51, The Power 75: Most Powerful People and Companies in the Industry
Stitches, November 2012

Golden Needle Awards: Editors' Pick; Design of the Year, Artistic, Fashion; Design of the Year, Technical, Fashion
American Patchwork & Quilting Radio, Oct. 22, 2012

Guest Speaker
  Gothic Beauty, Issue 37

Lifestyle: Urban Threads
    Stitches, September/October 2012

New Age of Decoration: The Collaborator
  Creative Machine Embroidery, September 2012

Trims & Treats
    HuffPost Home

Repurposing Ideas: 5 New Uses for Keys

Before & After: Upholstered Chair Redo
    Whip Up

Guest Post: Finding Time to Fail
  Sew, June 2012

Stitched Connection: Click Here!
    Sew News, June 2012

Just Be-Gauze
  Designs in Machine Embroidery, May/June 2012

Rock 'n' Roll Rebel
    Creative Machine Embroidery, May/June 2012

In Fashion: Spring 2012

Geek Crafts: 6 Steampunk Projects from a Romantically Imagined Scientific Past
    Vogue Patterns, April/May 2012

Machine Embroidery Essentials: A Guide to Notions and Tools for Decorative Stitching
  Creative Machine Embroidery, March/April 2012

Well Suited
    Mr X Stitch

Stitchgasm: Urban Threads' Look Book

Hacker-Themed Machine Embroidery Designs
    Whip Up

Guest Post: Baroque Punk Machine Embroidery
  Stitches, January 2012

My 10 Favorite Things
    Stitches, December 2011

#54, The Power 75: Most Powerful People and Companies in the Industry - Embroidery's Evil Genius
  Sew Hip, November 2011

Sew on the Net: Urban Threads
    Creative Machine Embroidery, November/December 2011

Placement Pointers: Sweatshirt

Making Machine Embroidery Hip for a New Generation
    Vogue Patterns, October/November 2011

What Are You Sewing?
  Creative Machine Embroidery, September/October 2011

Color Splash: Fall '11
    Stitches, September/October 2011

Bring on the Glam
  Tattoo Revue, Issue 153

Urban Threads
    Creative Machine Embroidery, May/June 2011

Canister Cover
  Designs in Machine Embroidery, March/April 2011

Blank Slate
    Creative Machine Embroidery, January/February 2011

Tech Support: Q&A
  Creative Machine Embroidery, November/December 2010

Balsa Wood
    Creative Machine Embroidery, July/August 2010

Bohemian Beauty
  Creative Machine Embroidery, May/June 2010

Fashion Forecast: Spring '10
    Designs in Machine Embroidery, March/April 2010

Young at Heart and Community Threads
  Creative Machine Embroidery & Textile Art, Vol. 15, No. 8

Internet Chit Chat
    Designs in Machine Embroidery, July/August 2009

Free Form Applique and What's New in Designs

Leather Hip Pouch from Urban Threads
    Designs in Machine Embroidery, January/February 2009

Masculine Edge
  Creative Machine Embroidery, January/February 2009

Must Haves
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