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Free Embroidery Designs
Help yourself to a free sample of Urban Threads' awesome designs! Machine and hand embroidery freebies are shown below. If you're new to embroidery or Urban Threads, they're a great way to check out our rockin' quality and see just what you'll get when you order. Pick out your favorites below, and enjoy!

At Urban Threads, we've embraced "weird," and we want to share it with you! Stitch this quirky quote onto pillows, jackets, and more as a friendly reminder to yourself and others.

This design is free through Sunday, April 30 in machine and hand embroidery formats. Download yours today!

The world is full of weird -- you just need to embrace it!

 Be Weird - Machine Embroidery
(free through Sunday, April 30)

 Be Weird - Hand Embroidery
(free through Sunday, April 30)

machine embroidery - 4 available sizes:
7.37" x 6.90"  | 6.26" x 5.86" | 5.20" x 4.87"  | 3.87" x 3.62"


 hand embroidery

Free Giving Bunny Design & Project

The Giving Bunny - Machine Embroidery


machine embroidery - 2 available sizes:
4.92" x 6.89" | 3.86" x 3.86"

Hundreds of bunnies have already brought smiles to their new owners, and they've made their way to all seven continents (really). Join us in conquering the world with cute, fluffy bunnies! Read more about the project, download the free design, and follow these step-by-step instructions to make your own stitch-and-turn stuffed toy.

Before your bunnies venture out into the world, feel free to snap a photo and send it to support@urbanthreads.com -- we'd love to see!

It started as a little gift from us to you, and a chance to bring joy to strangers one adorable embroidered bunny at a time. Now The Giving Bunny Project is taking over the world with ever-growing army of sweet bunnies, crafted by stitchers just like you.

Here's how it works: Download this FREE stitch-and-turn bunny design -- it's available in two sizes for machine embroidery, as well as a PDF pattern that you can hand-stitch. Craft up a plush bunny, or a whole bunch, dressing them up as you please. Attach a tag to introduce your bunny to the world. Then leave your bunny in a public place for a stranger to discover.

The Giving Bunny - Hand Embroidery


hand embroidery

Free Skull & Cross-Needles

Urban Threadsters are a proud bunch -- and rightly so. Flaunt your affiliation with the awesomest embroidery site around when you rock the skull-and-cross-needles emblem on shirts, totes, and more! Need a simple design for testing purposes? They're great for that, too. Enjoy these designs and show off your stitchy style!

T-shirt Logo (Split) - Machine Embroidery


T-shirt Logo - Hand Embroidery


machine embroidery - 3 available sizes:
7.99" x 3.11" | 6.69" x 1.57" | 3.70" x 1.46"
All sizes are split into multiple parts, to create a design
about 8.5" wide when arranged as shown above.


hand embroidery

Urban Threads Skull and Needles - Machine Embroidery


Urban Threads Skull and Needles - Hand Embroidery


machine embroidery - 2 available sizes:
5.05" x 4.33" | 3.27" x 2.76"


hand embroidery

Urban Threads - Machine Embroidery


Urban Threads - Hand Embroidery


machine embroidery - 2 available sizes:
6.30" x 4.33" | 3.86" x 2.64"


hand embroidery

UrbanThreads.com - Machine Embroidery


UrbanThreads.com - Hand Embroidery


machine embroidery - 2 available sizes:
6.50" x 4.21" | 3.86" x 2.52"


hand embroidery

Urban Threadster in Training - Machine Embroidery


Urban Threadster in Training - Hand Embroidery


machine embroidery - 2 available sizes:
4.88" x 5.20" | 2.99" x 3.86"


hand embroidery

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