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Jessie McNally is a mixed media and tattoo artist with a fondness for the darker side of folk art. Working with found objects, she transforms them into darkly beautiful painted sculptures and art. When not making her mixed media creations, she can be found tattooing at Steady Tattoo in Minneapolis or hanging out with her adorable dog, Chico.

Jessie's colorful design is available in machine embroidery and hand embroidery formats for your crafting pleasure.

Tell us a bit about your background -- what led you into art and what drives you now?

Since childhood I always knew I wanted to be an artist, and in 2004 I started my tattoo apprenticeship and went to art school. As a tattoo artist I'm constantly drawing and painting. In the last year or so I have been experimenting in 3D forms, using mostly thrift store junk and mannequin parts. I love tattoo art. I use lots of traditional tattoo content in a non-traditional way.

What inspires your designs? 

Mexican folk art, Dia de los Muertos, Frida Kahlo, religious icons, tattoos, flora, fauna, alchemy ... oh so many things inspire me!

Tell us a bit about your design and the story behind it.

I like to combine traditional folk art designs with my sugar skulls, and research folk art from many different cultures. For this one I added the birds on her head, I think it gives her almost a Frida-esque quality. 

What’s your studio/workspace like?

I just moved, so my studio consists of a couple dozen bins and boxes labeled "art stuff" with random mannequin parts lying around. It will be awesome once again when I turn my garage into a new studio!

What’s your favorite handmade craft you’ve ever made?

There's a miniature clay couch in my dad's china cabinet that I made in elementary school. If I remember correctly, I folded a slab of clay and it looked like a couch to me, so I added arm rests and button holes. I'm not sure why it survived all these years, but it did. I love it.

Finally, if you were a Crayola crayon, what color would you be?

Olive Green.

If you dig Jessie’s work check out more art on her website, www.jessiemcnally.com.

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