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Sara Witty is an artist and art historian. She draws stuff and researches stuff, and as she does it, these two categories rarely overlap. She collaborated on the coloring of this bug design, as she commonly does when working with Ben.

Sara's work is often dark and dramatic, with the exception of this whimsical design of a crafty little bug who likes to play pretend that she and Ben worked on together. She works with Ben on a series of these bugs because she doesn't often think of happy things to draw... at best they're only moderately weird and at worst terribly dark, but as Sara puts it, "Painting the bugs that Zmith draws gives me a chance to think whimsically, and I like that. It's a nice break from my own kind of imagery."

Ben Zmith, the artist who designs the bug, loves to draw but also loves his privacy, so he's the quiet type in artist interviews. Ben, like Sara, often works with darker imagery, and he says, "I draw smiling bugs because on occasion I like to make people smile, and the bug thing seems to do it."

The bug certainly does, and we're happy to share with you this strangely happy and wonderfully whimsical little design from the minds of two slightly twisted artists. That just makes him all the cuter.

If you'd love to see more of Sara's art, you can check out http://wittydocument.blogspot.com/, and you can find more of Ben's at Lastinspace.com and delldracula.com.


This crafty bug design, a collaboration between Sara and Ben, is available in machine embroidery and hand embroidery formats.




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