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Jesse E. Larson, the creator of this fabulous new pumpkin man design, is host to numerous unrelated titles, some of which include barbering, burying, and broomstick-watching – and on occasion, chimney-sweeping, crayoning, and hiding in bell towers – but, most notably, illustrating. When not confined to the shadows of an ivy-embraced abbey or the attic of a house that does not exist, he attempts to compose to paper visuals of a nonsensical nature with a disposition of mystery, monstrosity, and the macabre. Other times he pretends he is a pirate. An interest in the visual arts was instigated many years ago when he was visiting a rookery while abroad in Romania. It so happened that during this time one of the birds engaged him in conversation, and he, having penned a quick sketch of the Parachute Jump – for a visual representation was politely requested – was told by the fowl that the depiction had been very fine. This gracious bit of praise influenced further experimentation and has continued to the present.

Jesse assures us that this bio is absolutely, totally, and most likely mostly true.

If you’d like to know more about Jesse, you can visit his website, Haunted Nonsense, or his blog of the same name.

Jesse Larson's charmingly creepy pumpkin man design is available in machine embroidery and hand embroidery formats.



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