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AnthroPoMorphCo has a simple mission: to make everything your friend! And your friends sure are a bunch of characters...

Joan De Lurio is a short, shy, silly sort, driven mostly by a strong desire to have things look back at her; the results of this obsession can be seen in the variously themed and rather quirky collections you'll find at her AnthroPoMorphCo. Despite always knowing she'd rather be an artist, Joan was better at science and decided to study horticulture at school as it seemed a pretty clever way to combine the two, as far as she was concerned. While at school she met a certain greatest-person-ever and the two found themselves living in the middle of nowhere in a big farmhouse with a big vegetable garden, a big white cat, and a big sense of irony. Joan has an equally silly, but not quite so shy (or short) twin sister who is probably to blame for all of this, somehow.

If you’d like to check out more of her awesome work, you can see her AnthroPoMorphCo etsy shop, or see her gallery over on flickr. She also has a Zazzle and a Spoonflower account if you just can’t get enough!

This delicious "Melancholyflower" design is available in machine embroidery and hand embroidery formats.



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