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Amy (aka Lucie) was born in a small town in Utah, and shortly after moved to a slightly bigger town. Being the daughter of the county extension agent, a rural version of Martha Stewart, she learned to cook, sew, and craft from a young age. She spent a good portion of her childhood reading, and developed a love of esoteric words, cartoons, comics, and Edward Gorey (who is a major style influence to this day).

In later years, she graduated from Philadelphia University in Textile Design, and has the enormous Latin diploma to prove it. After graduating, she moved back to Utah with her computer tech-y husband and their two lovely cats. She has dabbled in almost every kind of craft imaginable, but loves creating prints the most.

A good friend called her style "outsider art meets cutie pie," which seems to fit quite well. Almost all designs are drawn by hand, mostly because of a love of Micron pens and partly because of a major lack in tablet skills. She finds inspiration in the antics of her cats, her world travels, and cute things like squirrels. Although she loves to draw sea life, she has no great love of beaches, or deep water in general.

She decided to go by the moniker Lucie online because there are way too many Amys in the design-o-sphere as it is. You can check out her design work on her blog, portfolio and Spoonflower pages.

Get classy with Amy's dapper octopus design! It's available in machine embroidery and hand embroidery formats to bring some cute cheer to your creations.



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