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Rosie Geissler is a graphic design student based in Northumberland, England, whose raw, freestyle embroidery styling and love of typography has already garnered her attention in the design world. Made by hand using a sewing machine, her contemporary freestyle embroidery deals with everything from raw nature to pop icons, with equal flourish and grace.

Looking for a little of that raw embroidered feel? Grab the great outdoors with this wild owl design, in machine embroidery and hand embroidery.

Tell us a bit about your background -- what led you into art and when did you begin?

I have always been found with a pencil and paper, but then I moved onto using needle, thread, and a sewing machine to incorporate my love for traditional household crafts. I have always had a passion for sewing, but I never did textiles or fashion subjects at school. However, when experimenting at university by drawing on the sewing machine, I discovered my love for contemporary embroidery.

Tell us about your design and the story behind it.

I recently did an exhibition called “Out of the Woods,” a series of wildlife embroidered illustrations, and it was a design from the exhibition.

How did you get into freestyle machine embroidery? What inspired you to try it in a new way?

Experimenting, mistakes and quickly working for one project to next. I never go back into designs. I quickly move from one to the other and the unevenness and unpredictable the sewing machine makes it very exciting as each piece is completely unique.

What inspires your designs?

It is difficult to say where I get my inspiration from. I get influences from the media and popular culture, as well as situations I find myself in. I’m inspired by my love of music and lyrics, memories, humor, films, friends and family, friendships and relationships. I’m also inspired by other artists such as Eleanor Bowley, Lizzie Finn, Mr X Stitch and Julie Jackson.

I take a lot from what’s going on in my life and try to empathize with people. I guess you could say I have a need to share my ideas and communicate with whoever wants to listen!

What’s your studio/workspace like?

Let’s just say, I am casual about cleaning. :) My desk pretty much has my Mac on it and my sewing machine is always close on hand.

Finally, if you were a Crayola crayon, what color would you be?



If you want to see more of Rosie’s stuff, you can check out her blog and flickr feed to see latest and greatest of her freestyle work, or contact her directly at rosannageissler@googlemail.com.

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