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Featured Project – Steampunk Alice

We’re so happy to introduce our very first Featured Project here on StitchPunk, something we plan to make a regular feature. You guys do such amazing things with Urban Threads stuff that we just have to showcase some in greater detail, and tell you all about them.

And what better way than to start with some stunning steampunkness!


I bet you weren't this cool when you were little...

Today’s featured project comes in the form of this custom dress and this adorable little steampunk Alice.

I love the attitude, darling.

This amazing dress was stitched up by Mami Girl Boutique, and I don’t mind saying I wouldn’t mind one of those in a different size. So, let’s go behind the scenes and find out a little about what went in to this project, from Mami Girl Boutique herself!

What inspired this project?

Steampunk is so cool, how could you not be inspired??

I participated in an amazing fashion design challenge with the theme being steampunk. I am part of an amazing group of ladies who design children’s clothing. Monthly we do “launches” with a theme and we list everything a child would need, painted shoes, jewelry, hair accessories, and clothing that coordinate to mix and match. It is great fun and we have built lasting friendships and also built our businesses cooperatively! 🙂 I love black and white and stripes, it really fit the Victorian theme!  The sketchy Alice designs on Urban Threads were perfect for my vision … and they stitch out really nicely, too!


It looks amazing! How long did it take, and what challenges did you run into while you were working on it?

The appliques took approximately 25-35 minutes per embroidery design. This outfit had a total of 4 on the skirt, although my later version of this design had all of them! I think that the biggest challenge to this outfit is the bustle in the back of the skirt … to figure it out without a pattern took a lot of sketching and trial and error.


What made you choose your designs?

The sketchy look of these appliques were very Tim Burton, very steampunk, the Victorian look, slightly creepy without being scary, whimsical and fantastic. The artist who made these is amazing and I feel has the real eye for the steampunk aesthetic.

Many have asked, and I’m one of them … are you ever going to make designs like this for adults?

I will not say no to an order…

… BUT, I adore designing for children, you can be so whimsical and over the top creative that anything goes for kids design wise and color wise. I find that most adult clothing is very limiting. Also, children are much easier to design for proportionally. I have made shirred back halters for adults like the one I made for my Blythe doll outfit and it did well because of the shirring.


You’ve got some beautiful photos on your etsy page! What’s the story behind the photography?

THANK YOU! The majority of my photos I take myself with my own kids. That said, this steampunk outfit was photographed by an amazing photographer named Robin who lives in Texas! Her little model, who is just gorgeous, rocked this set! I have several steampunk sets she has modeled and she does a great job with locations and she also does an amazing job with photo treatments that take hours … layers of textures, etc.

Amazing job, madame! I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I’ll be sure to keep an eye on your etsy store, and I can’t wait to see what you do next!

Do you want to be a featured project on StitchPunk? Drop us a line at or upload your Urban Threads stuff to our flickr group!

Flickr Roundup

A shiny new blog deserves a shiny new roundup! We’re starting fresh here, so let’s take a peek at what pretties have shown up in the flickr pool lately…

I'm So Retro bag

This little retro disk was a popular little freebie awhile back, and people have made all kinds of adorkable things with it, including this awesome little bag from Kentfield.  We actually have a printout of this design taped to the side of one of our computers in back.

Yes, we’re that retro.


Finished boots

Some seriously awesome boots from fiftyfirstcrafts, from everyone’s favorite sweater boots tute. I am loving the colors and seriously loving the cross design she chose.


alice in wonderland quilt 2

Can you believe this quilt? Look closely – that’s dozens of our Wonderland designs stitched alll over it!

I drool.

Though not on the quilt though. That wouldn’t be nice.

This stunner was stitched up by horsehaircreek and I think we agree we’re all in love.


Zipped Pouch

*In soviet Russia, machine embroiders you!*


Adorable little zippered pouch from donmark26. Plus, how cute is that little nesting doll fabric?


Maneki Neko

We got to show a little love to our hand stitchin’ peeps, and I am so in love with this fuzzy little needle punch kitteh.

I seriously don’t think that guy could  get any cuter. I hope karalynnn has some seriously epic plans for kitty.


zombie hand angle

Finally, feeling an epic hunger for braaaiiinnzz yet? No? Well, that’s probably good for the rest of us anyway…

You know, I have to say, there’s something really beautiful about the marriage of zombies and polka dot fabric. I think zombies should try it more often. It would give ’em a little pizzaz.

This precision stitched piece of zombie perfection has been brought to you by TiLT creations.

And the letter Z.

I think we’re off to a fine stitchy start here, peeps. Keep adding your fine threads to our the Urban Embroidery flickr pool and you might see them featured here!