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Monster Bash Finalists – Vote For Your Favorite!

The Monster Bash contest deadline has come and gone, and oh my word those monsters! You guys filled up our flickr group with 169 photos of monster creations, and they are all totally monsteriffic. Picking our 10 ten favorites resulted in a lot of back and forth here in the office — it was a tough choice. We want to thank everyone who submitted a monster; we hope you all had fun playing Dr. Frankenstein and now have new creaturley creations to keep you safe at night.

So, the time has come… our 10 finalists have been chosen, and now it’s your chance to pick the winner! Take a good look at these ten entries, and then pick one to vote for in the poll below. Voting is open all through the weekend, now through Monday, March 5, 2012, at 8a.m. Central time.

Get your vote in before then to make your opinion count. Remember, the winning creation gets a permanent feature in our shiny lookbook!

Ready? Your top 10 finalists are below…

*UPDATE – Voting has closed*

Seven Deadly Monsters: The Whole Gang From the Front

The Seven Deadly Monsters by Leslie


Stitchy Doll by Elizabeth K.

UTMonster 001.5

Steampunk Robot by Tracy

monsters eater

Monster Plant by Stephanie

Cat Ogre 2

Cat Ogre by Elizabeth M.


Topsy Turvy Doll by Cathy


Two Headed Sweethearts by Debbie

Pajama Eater by DeeDee

Monster doll contest 1

Sad Monster by Jessica

zombie bunny

Zombie Bunny by Christi

*VOTING IS CLOSED* – Congrats to Stephanie!

Want to see ALL the monster bash contest entries? Of course you do!

Check them all out in the slideshow below, or click over to our flickr group to see them there. It is truly an epic collection of monster goodness. In fact, making monsters is SO addictive, you might just see one more from me yet…

 Thanks for voting, and congratulations to our 10 finalists! Happy weekend, everyone!