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Smart Husband

111124 Bday Flowers 3

Spotted in our flickr group. Noordermeer1 is a lucky lady.

Tutorial – Thread Spool Wine Corks

Super cute idea from A Beautiful Mess, plus it combines two loves… crafting and wine! Though I’ve discovered it’s best to combine those two loves in moderation… mild inebriation combined with small pointy objects doesn’t usually end well.

Get the tutorial here!

Embroidery Floss Factory Tour

The DMC blog has posted this awesome little factory tour of the DMC Embroidery Floss factory in France. I forget sometimes, especially working with something that seems as simple and quaint as embroidery floss, that there’s a whole fascinating and complicated process behind the whole thing.

The page itself is in Spanish, but a handy little pass at Google Translate clears it up pretty well, and really it’s worth a look just to ogle the photos a bit.

Perhaps you’ll view your floss a little differently next time you pick up your embroidery project.

I for one can’t help but wonder what it would be like to dive into those giant poofy piles of floss… and yes, I do realize that makes me weird.  That’s probably why I should never go on that tour.

Check out their post for a behind the scenes on the process and even more amazing photos.

via Craft

Thread Art

Many thanks to Joetta Maue for introducing me to the amazing thread and pin art of Debbie Smyth.

You can see more on the original post or go look at Debbie’s stuff directly  here.



Oh, how did I miss these?

Adorable “flossy” holders from sugar cookie’s etsy store. Via Craft.

Tutorial – Framed Thread Holder

Many thanks to Craft for pointing out this little tutorial from Grey Luster Girl on how to build a framed thread organizer. Wouldn’t this just be perfect for your embroidery thread too? Might as well make it a work of art!