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The Dark Fairytales of Queen Maab

Flickr user Queen Maab has hand embroidered the 9 main Dark Fairytale features to perfection, and to top it all off she’s put them all in these gorgeous dark ornate frames. I am LOVING the embroidery with the antique gold. These must look stunning all hung up on the wall together.

This is just a taste. Check out the whole series over on her flickr set.

The Magical Monochrome Stitches of Marpet…

A little vintage glam, anyone?


You might have noticed that this weeks designs follow a bit of a love theme, and nothing to me seems more romantic than white and cream stitches and layers of lace. That’s why I thought it would be the perfect time to show you some of the magical stitchery of Marpet







I just love the vintage look of off-whites, creams and lace, and I LOVE how many embroidery designs she has layered on her pieces, using everything from steampunk to apothecary (which, by the way, is a fabulous combination). They feel so light and yet decadent at the same time!
She really has an eye for layering, and I’m quite fond of her color schemes, as I’ve used similar ones myself in the past.

Hats off to you madame, you know your stitching.

Honorable Mention

The coloring contest has closed, and entries have been sent off to our esteemed celebrity judges so that they can choose finalists. We’ll share those soon. In the meantime, check this out: not technically a contest entry, since it’s not stitched, but a fabulous paper cutting version of the Maiden Monarch by Sherry. We’re totally impressed!

A handmade weekend

What a crafty weekend!

Why, you might be asking yourself, am I blogging about my weekend on a Wednesday? Weelll because… it was just too… awesome! Yeah. It had to wait till Wednesday or the awesomeness would have overwhelmed you all. I mean, check out that beaker of mustachios. Could you handle that on Monday? I think not.

I could hardly handle the awesomeness when I went to check out St. Paul’s Crafstravaganza and ran into some awesomely familiar (…I’ve seen that penguin before…) stuff.

That’s because we walked right into the booth of Marlene and her husband from All My Own who were selling their lovely embroidered wares! It was so nice to meet them and say hi and talk embroidery. They told us that monsters and moustaches were hot this year, and that we should make more monsters, stat. We’ll get right on that, Marlene!

I continued wandering on to look at all the other booths. I found this adorable booth from Fantastic Toys, who had these amazing gnomies! Oh Danielle was in heaven (she collects gnomies, kinda like I collect crazy bunnies). They were just too cute for words.

Omg, little monsters! See, monsters are so in this year. There were dozens of these guys from Trigo, and they even had larger, older brothers with bike reflectors on for your biking needs. Minneapolis is a big bicycle town, so I hope to see an invasion of monsters on bikes soon.

Heading ’round the corner, who should we find next but our local rockstar Adam Turman! He’s a regular fixture at Craftstravaganza, and he had all his awesome prints up for sale. Here’s the original devil biker ..though I’m a bad camera person and totally got a glare on the print! Sorry, Adam. You look awesome anyway.

It was very cool to meet him in person and chat about his stuff. Most of our guest artists are from all over the place (including other countries!) so meeting them in person is fantastic.

We got there a little late, so I only had a little bit longer to wander before it closed. Trust me to instantly find the steampunkiest wares. These beauties were from Makeshift Accessories, and they were so beautiful! Apparently they’re all upcycled from old serving plates and sprinkler heads. I tried one on and was sorely tempted, but I had already made a purchase this weekend and promised myself I would be good.

What, pray tell, did I buy?

I’ll give you three guesses…


Bunny is actually from my previous night of handmade adventures, at the St. Paul Art Crawl! I was visiting some friends to check out their booths, and next door was a whole host of crazy bunnies! How could I not.

I had to carefully vet the bunny to make sure I picked the right one. He needed to look good on my shelf and get along with all the other bunnies, so he wouldn’t be ostracized.

What, you think I’m kidding about collecting crazy bunnies?

I’m so not.

They barley fit on the shelf anymore, they’re going to have to get a larger space soon. My new little bunny proudly took his place with his other crazy companions. He still doesn’t have a name… any suggestions?

Overall, a smashing good weekend. Stay crafty, Minnesota!

Spring Is Here!

Egg cozys

Check out these super cute egg cozies from Ganz und Garn! Such cute little appliqués and bright fabrics.

Ahh… spring is here!

* …resolutely ignoring Minnesota’s snow forecast for Friday…*

Egg cozy

This is also quite a learning experience for me, as I had no idea eggs needed cozies. I suppose everything needs to feel cozy now and then.

bird's nest

Check out more coziness in the Urban Embroidery flickr pool, and happy spring!

Flickr Roundup

A shiny new blog deserves a shiny new roundup! We’re starting fresh here, so let’s take a peek at what pretties have shown up in the flickr pool lately…

I'm So Retro bag

This little retro disk was a popular little freebie awhile back, and people have made all kinds of adorkable things with it, including this awesome little bag from Kentfield.  We actually have a printout of this design taped to the side of one of our computers in back.

Yes, we’re that retro.


Finished boots

Some seriously awesome boots from fiftyfirstcrafts, from everyone’s favorite sweater boots tute. I am loving the colors and seriously loving the cross design she chose.


alice in wonderland quilt 2

Can you believe this quilt? Look closely – that’s dozens of our Wonderland designs stitched alll over it!

I drool.

Though not on the quilt though. That wouldn’t be nice.

This stunner was stitched up by horsehaircreek and I think we agree we’re all in love.


Zipped Pouch

*In soviet Russia, machine embroiders you!*


Adorable little zippered pouch from donmark26. Plus, how cute is that little nesting doll fabric?


Maneki Neko

We got to show a little love to our hand stitchin’ peeps, and I am so in love with this fuzzy little needle punch kitteh.

I seriously don’t think that guy could  get any cuter. I hope karalynnn has some seriously epic plans for kitty.


zombie hand angle

Finally, feeling an epic hunger for braaaiiinnzz yet? No? Well, that’s probably good for the rest of us anyway…

You know, I have to say, there’s something really beautiful about the marriage of zombies and polka dot fabric. I think zombies should try it more often. It would give ’em a little pizzaz.

This precision stitched piece of zombie perfection has been brought to you by TiLT creations.

And the letter Z.

I think we’re off to a fine stitchy start here, peeps. Keep adding your fine threads to our the Urban Embroidery flickr pool and you might see them featured here!

Flickr Find – Bunny Balaclava

Sheer awesomness spotted in the flickr group:



How much do you want this?

Because I want it enough to not only have a reason to wish for cold weather, but I’d even try my hand at knitting. And we all know that wouldn’t be pretty. I’m pretty sure my bunny would be lucky to have a mouth, let alone an awesome set of those fanged chompers.

The more eagle eyed of you are no doubt noticing this looks an awful lot like a giant Craft Bunny is trying to eat her head, and that’s because this is Wickedstepmother1969‘s pattern for a Monty Python bunny (read: craft bunny) that is so awesome not only does it look like he’s gleefully chomped your whole head, but you also sort of look like a deranged ninja to boot.

Love it Wickedstepmother1969! You made my day today.