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New Coordinating Kawaii Fabric

Love our new Kawaii Christmas collection?

Grab the new coordinating fabrics from our Spoonflower store here, and stitch up a merry holiday season!

New Spoonflower Collections – The Seven Seas

Love the new Seven Seas embroidery series? Now you can get coordinating fabric from our Spoonflower store! Two beautiful new vintage style prints to help you sail the seas in style.

Avast ye matey. Grab our Seven Seas Tattoo Fabric on the left for a bold and bright print sure to be perfect for all your nautical themes, or grab our Seven Seas Vintage Fabric on the right, with a beautiful vintage tea stained look and all your favorite characters from the series. Both coordinate perfectly with the new Seven Seas designs.

Grab them here, or check out what else is new by visiting our whole Spoonflower store.

New Spoonflower Collections!

The Craft Tattoo Collection, featuring all your favorite designs from the Craft or Die embroidery series on a fabric, with a matching coordinate! Get it in either traditional black or faded vintage.

Check out the Tattoo collection here!

One of the most hotly requested fabrics since we started (behind Dark Fairytales, which are coming soon, we promise!) is the Sinbonnet Sue Collection, coordinating with either the Seven Deadly Sues embroidery pack, or the Sinbonnet Sues embroidery pack. There’s a fun matching coordinate of Sue’s shoes (that’s kinda fun to say) that will go with either of the Sue designs. You can finally make that Sinbonnet Sue quilt you’ve been dreaming about.

Check out the Sue collection here!

Finally, we couldn’t resist turning all our favorite primitive circus gang into their very own Cirque Noir Collection, to match the Cirque Noir embroidery pack. Get it either the classic moody purple, or a brighter and slightly retro vintage pink.

Check out the Cirque Noir collection here!

Want more? Be sure to visit our full Spoonflower store to see what amazing fabrics we have that match your favorite embroidery designs. And keep your eyes posted, even more new collections are coming soon! Is there a series you’re just dying to get some matching fabric for? Leave your requests in the comments.

Happy crafting!


Urban Threads fabric is here

*Update – Contest is Closed! Winners announced soon*

Did you ever stop and think… Gee, how awesome would it be if I could have some fabric that perfectly matched my favorite embroidery series? You can select your answer below.

A) Really awesome

B) Totally awesome

C) Awesomley awesome

D) All of the above

I’d say D, but I’ll give anyone extra credit for C, since you appear to like the word awesome as much as I do. And it is AWESOME!

That’s right, Urban Threads has opened a Spoonflower store where you can buy fabrics to match some of your favorite series! It’s a small selection to start, but we thought we’d offer some of our holiday favorites, including our new Robot Christmas designs, and then expand with your requests.

So, you might ask, what is this Spoonflower and how does it work?

Spoonflower is an online store that makes it possible for individuals to design, print and sell their own fabric designs. What this means for us is that without having to go full on into the textiles business, we can offer you awesome Urban Threads designs on fabric for your crafty needs. Spoonflower will print and ship your fabric directly do you, on demand.

This also means that for ordering purposes, all questions about fabric, shipping or general customer service should be dealt with through the Spoonflower site. You can e-mail us with groovy new fabric design ideas, but if you have a question about how long your order is going to take to get to Tahiti, you’ll need to contact Spoonflower, since we’ll be unable to help you. We just make the designs. Gotcha?

Sweet. Let’s get on to the fabric candy.


The Robot Christmas Collection

We’ve created four collections, each with two fabric designs in it. We couldn’t of course launch this new Spoonflower adventure without kicking it off with our new Robot Christmas embroidery series (on sale for a limited time!)

You can get the matching Spoonflower Robot Christmas collection here, featuring a full crazy lineup of all the robot characters, or a simpler little robo-gift pattern.


The Primitive Christmas Collection

We’ve also turned our popular Primitive Christmas embroidery series into it’s own fabric line.

You can check out the fabric collection here, featuring all the primitive characters, or just a cute little coordinating candy fabric to dress up your designs.


The Steampunk Christmas Collection

You didn’t think we forgot about Steampunk, did you?

What do you take us for?

Yup, your favorite Steampunk Christmas embroidery series is now available in it’s own fabric collection, featuring the full Steampunk Christmas characters, or you could just grab those steampunk snowflakes to add some simple gear-tastic goodness to this holiday season.


The Wonderland Collection

Finally, though it’s not Christmas themed, we just couldnt resist taking our mega-popular Wonderland embroidery series and giving it some Spoonflower magic.

Check out the Wonderland collection, featuring all your favorite characters, or a simple playing card suit for linings or edgings to any Wonderland design.


We are SO excited about this new venture into the fabric world. We hope you guys love it. It’s not all we’re excited about today though, because this weekend we’re giving away a chance for three lucky people to win three yards of Urban Threads fabric each. That’s right, we’ll ship you three yards of our quilting weight fabric, with any designs you like! Pick two yards of one kind, one yard of another, or go crazy with a full three yards of the one you love most. It’s up to you.

How do you enter? Just leave a comment on this post telling us what you might do with this fabric (that can include anything from project ideas to just staring at it happily, as far as we’re concerned) by Monday 11:59am, central time. Three lucky winners will be chosen at random to try out their favorite Urban Threads fabric on us.

What are you waiting for? Leave you comment below to enter! Good luck, and we hope you enjoy browsing our new Spoonflower fabrics. We can’t wait to see what you create with them!