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Color Inspirations – Autumn & Bone

Add a spooky seasonal touch to your embroidery designs with this Autumn & Bone color scheme.

This week, find some inspiration in the season with this Autumn & Bone color scheme. Looking at the bare trees and the brilliant leaves on the ground, you can see where the classic Halloween palette comes from. However, that doesn’t mean you have to use it on only Halloween designs. Try it with some elegance using mostly black and whites, and then save those bold hues as a pop of autumn splendor. You can even bleed in a little ombre fun to your fabric first. It can bring a creepy sophistication to any design, spooky or not! See how it compares to the original.

Which do you prefer?

Fridays At The Office


Someone on Facebook suggested that the big lace skull could be used like a mask. Naturally, we had to test this theory. Our digitizer Bonnie volunteered. We have deemed it a terrifying success.

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Quick Pic – Awesome Day of the Dead Nursery

Inspiring ideas from customers!

The best and brightest chosen from images off facebook, flickr and instagram.


Seriously the sweetest alternative nursery I’ve seen. Check out all those amazing colorful skulls! Kylie on facebook used Calavera for the quilt and the sugar skull pincushion for the mobile, in addition to lots of sweet skully fabric and decals. Man, maybe MY room could use some skulls…

Color Inspirations – Lavender & Lux

Try this luxurious Lavender & Lux color scheme out on your embroidery designs.

This week, go extra luxurious with this Lavender & Lux color scheme. Decadent brocade fabrics in warm greys add luxury and class to a pallet of metallics and rich purples. Changing the bright and bold stitches of a traditional Day of the Dead design into warm golds transforms the patterns into graceful baroque swirls. See how it compares to the original.

Which do you prefer?


Delicate stitches? Check. Pink satin? Check. Light and lacy skulls? Check and check. Anytime I see pink and pretty and skulls and bones together I’m on board.

These amazing chain stitched pillows are from the series Artnatomy, from artist Cecile Dachary. You can just appreciate the delicate stitches and dark motifs as some great inspiration, or visit Yellow Velvet to actually buy them and find out more about the project. The website is in french, so you’ll want to have google translate on!

Dark Dimensional Threads

Anatomical heart pendant

Miniature skull embroidery in split stitch

Silk Ribcage miniature embroidery pendant

A little embroidery eye candy spotted in our flickr group to both inspire your threads and perhaps give you a sweet stitchy reminder of your own mortality. Just what you need on a Wednesday morning, right?

Mother Eagle embroiders these gorgeous pieces that use the dimension of the thread to eerie effect. What’s especially impressive is how tiny these pieces are, most no bigger than your thumb. Her detail is fantastic and the texture of everything is just delicious.

Want more dark inspiration over your morning coffee? Go check out her flickr page.

Crafting In White

I’m not sure if it’s because we just got a whole white wash of snow here in Minnesota, or because bright whites make me long for spring, but I am totally smitten with pale threads in crafting of late. Have a peek, won’t you?

                                                                                                                Waltraud Janzen

                                                                                                                       Karine Jollet

                                                                                                                         Sweet Paul


                                                                                                                Cake Eaters Etsy

                                                                                                            Christina Chalmers

                                                                                                                             Karine Jollet

I think the thing I love about crafting in white the most is that it makes everything about the texture, the shadow. You can see each thread, each stitch. It makes it somehow beautifully simple and pure, no matter what the medium or subject.

Looking to refresh your crafting? Try it all in white. Winter, spring, or in between, it will work for any season.