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Secret Society… *shhh* it’s secret…

Wanna be in on a super secret society? The kind with special handshakes, ominous logos, and secret meetings? Meetings with cupcakes?

Of course you do.

Well..ssshh… don’t tell anyone, but you’re invited to join the exclusive secret society of Embroidery Megalomaniacs Inc.

What is EMI exactly? We’re a top secret group working covertly to take over the world with embroidery that doesn’t suck. Vanquishing lame teddy bear samplers, banishing bad embroidery. You know the type. We’ve been around for ages, we were just really secret about it.

What do you need to do to join?

If you’re an embroidery biz owner, an etsy seller, stitchy blogger or otherwise crafty stitcher who’s working for our cause and making, sharing, or promoting cool embroidery, whatever kind, you can be a member. All you must do is have a dedication to take embroidery to new, cooler heights.

To join, and show off your (super secret) membership to this club, you can either create your own EMI logo with our tagline, (it makes it harder to track that way, we’re sneaky like that) OR use our provided logo, by right-clicking the image above and choosing “Save As”. Then upload the image onto your site, store, blog, whathaveyou and embed the following code with it.

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”supersecreimageyoujustdownloaded” alt=”Sshh… it’s secret”  width=”[the width in pixels you want it to be]” /></a>

Meetings conclude secretly, at no particular place or time, but I’m sure they would involve a really cool old looking building and cupcakes. All secret societies have cupcakes. The only reason they don’t advertise that is, well, cause they’re secret.

Finally, the first rule of Embroidery Megalomanics Inc. is you don’t talk about Embroidery Megalomanics Inc. But you may blog, tweet, or facebook it.

Good day to you members. I’m off to go work on my evil lair…

P.S. – Looking for a slightly softer version of the tagline? Here ya go

P.S. – Want to make your “secret” membership a little more public? Download this awesome patch design and wear it with pride!

You know, subtly…