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Urban Entrepreneurs -Craftypodes


What’s the one thing you wish you knew when you started your store?

The one thing we wish we’d known is that Internet shoppers respond well to just being yourself. You don’t need to compete with other makers!

Tutorial – Stitching A Patch On Fabric

Love the new Science patch, but don’t feel like messing with the whole “in the hoop” patch thing?

Adding a patch to something doesn’t mean you have to stitch it out and then add it on after the fact. If you can hoop your object, why not treat your patch just like an applique design? Even better, if you need to lighten it up a bit (like for a tee), just make it a regular old design!

Check out this tutorial on the basics of stitching a patch design directly onto fabric. You’ll be rocking your new nerdy tee in no time.

Embroidery and Science

Potassium Elements Pillow

I’m loving the post over on Mr X Stitch all about Embroidery, Textiles and Science. I’m especially in love with these embroidered elements pillows fromĀ Alyse Anderson. Machine embroidered elements? Yes please.

Funny how often embroidery and nerd-dom collide šŸ™‚