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Color Inspirations – Vintage Rose

Sometimes you just have to go classic, like in this Vintage Rose color inspiration for your embroidery designs.

Sometimes you just have to go classic, like in this Vintage Rose color inspiration. With roses, there’s nothing quite like soft pink on a delicate tan background. Think vintage photos and warm, worn tones. The beauty of age can add class to any color scheme! See how it compares to the original.

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Color Inspirations – Soft Seas & Velvet

Go bold & sophisticated even with single color embroidery designs using this Soft Seas & Velvet color inspiration.

Single color designs don’t take all the fun out of color choices. It just means you get to go bold and simple with your design! Try an unexpected but regal color combination with this Soft Seas & Velvet inspiration. Find a wonderfully soft, vintage style sea green fabric with lots of depth of color, and then bring it to life with a darkly saturated, velvety maroon. The wonderful dimensional quality of the single color satin stitching design will ensure your design is never flat looking, even in a single tone! See how it compares to the original.

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Color Inspirations – Twilight City

Add some glowing tones to your embroidery designs with this City Twilight color inspiration.

The skies might be falling darker every day with the changing of the seasons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some inspiration in it. Find the beauty in the fading light with this Twilight City color inspiration. Deep, rich navy blues and hints of teal lets your pinks and purples glow brilliantly like a fading sunset. See how it compares to the original.

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Color Inspirations – Victorian Roses

Try this delicate and subdued Victorian Roses color scheme on your embroidery designs.

With September comes that touch of fall air, even if it’s hiding behind the residual warmth of summer. This week, the saturated and bright tones of summer take a back seat to the darker elegance of the coming fall. Take some inspiration from the delicate gardens of the victorian era with this subdued Victorian Roses color scheme. Dusty greens play harmoniously with rosy purples, soft pinks, and delicate peach. It can add an unexpected elegance to even dark designs. See how it compares to the original.

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Quick Pic – Sleeping Beauty

Inspiring ideas from customers!

The best and brightest chosen from images off facebook, flickr, instagram and more.

The best and brightest ideas from Urban Threads customers from facebook, flickr and instagram and more.

Stitcher Judith is back again with this amazing dark Sleeping Beauty themed dress. We saw her work before on stunning wonderland projects, but this dark dress is taken to a whole new level. The subtle roses from the Gothic Gala collection are stitched all over the dress in a deep, blood red, which her daughter models to lovely effect. Such a gorgeous image!