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Quick Pic – Robo Jeans

Inspiring ideas from customers!

The best and brightest chosen from images off facebook, flickr, instagram and more.


Flickr user Tipsy Fox took the pockets off her 4 year old son’s jeans and monogrammed one with ZSC from the Steampunk Alphabet, and the other with a little Rabble Robot. What a super cute way to personalize a pair of jeans for a little man!

Handmade Highlights – Robots Love Metal


Sophie really rocked this embroidery design. There are metallic things happening here that are truly outrageous! The metallic threads and accents make this tiny robot come to life.

Rock out with your own Robots Love Metal design and create even more embroidery awesomeness!

UT Tutorial – 3D Robot

Thought lace was the only 3D thing you machine could make? Think again! Meet the Digomatic 2000. This adorable little robot figurine can be made easily with some tear away stabilizer, fabric, and hot glue, and he’ll rock out on his little headphones and generally look awesome anywhere you put him.

Grab your robot here, then find out how to assemble him!

Psst…There’s a little inside joke here. Do you remember the Digomatic 2000? Here’s a little refresher.

UT Tutorial – Cute Critter Tissue Holders

Cold season is upon is, and the a case of the sniffles isn’t something we can usually escape for long. You might as well be prepared, and well, a little entertained as well right?

Then grab yourself a super cute and fairly hilarious little bunny, monster, or robot to keep you company through the cold season. They’re created entirely in the hoop and they’re  a snap to make.

Get the tutorial here on how to stitch ’em together in the hoop.

One they’re created, just feed em’ some travel size tissue packets and you’re good to go.

Honestly, who hasn’t wanted their own personal robot cold assistant to keep you company while you’re sick?