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UT Tutorial – Articulated Lace Bunny

Stitch a little reminder that spring is on the way with this freestanding lace bunny design. Why? Because it’s pretty. Pretty doesn’t need a reason.

Grab your bunny here, and then learn how to make him in what has to be our shortest tutorial ever.

UT Tutorial – Lace Infinity Scarf

My new favorite hipster trend: Scarves!

My go to accessories are infinity scarves, since the stay wrapped up and cozy no matter what. They are also, not surprisingly, a great place for embroidery.

This week’s tutorial will show you how to make this gorgeous infinity scarf in a snap, and better yet, gives you a great excuse to grab one of those big, delicate designs you’ve been dying to use on something, like this design from guest artist Meg Adamson.

Worried it will get lost in the fold? Don’t stress so much! Let you embroidery become part of the texture of the scarf. It’s a subtle way to let it shine, and it will still stand out, I promise.

Ready to make one? Get the tutorial here.

UT Tutorial – Faux Fur Boots

You know that pair of boots that just live at the back of the closet?

You know, the ones that still are technically wearable, but they’re just kinda…meh?

It’s totally time to dig them out.

A little faux fur, a hot glue gun and some lace and buckle magic, and you have boots that are so on trend this season. True, after working with all that fur it might look like you sheared a herd of cats, but it’s so worth it. Plus, they’re also a tiny bit steampunk, and I love sneaking in gears when no one’s looking.

Get the tutorial here.

Urban Entrepreneurs – Storied Threads

Welcome to a shiny new installment of Urban Entrepreneurs! What, you might ask, is an Urban Entrepreneur?

Urban Entrepreneurs are stitchy sellers of any kind who have decided to take the plunge (with the help of some UT designs) and start their own small biz! Ever wondered what it would be like using your mad crafty skills in an everyday job? These folks are the ones who can tell you what it’s like to take the plunge.

Joining us today are the swashbuckling stylings of Storied Threads!

Veronica of Storied Threads and her trusty & adorable Beatrix
                                                                                                              Photo: Michael Bailey

What started you into embroidery?

It was almost a whim, actually. A super expensive whim, but a whim nonetheless.

I was already making and selling garb and accessories at Renaissance Faires, and I wanted a way to make my stuff really stand out from the crowd — embroidery seemed like a good way to do that. When I bought my machine, I wasn’t even sure exactly what I’d do — I thought I might put cool piratey designs on the ends of pirate sashes, but didn’t really have a clear idea of how very AWESOME machine embroidery was going to be.

                                                                                                             Photo: Michael Bailey

Where did you first find Urban Threads?

Google! Once I had the machine, I needed good designs. For what I was doing, the design packs they sold at my local sewing machine store just weren’t going to cut it. So, I started poking the internet, and bookmarking places that sold designs.  

Urban Threads was one of the first ones I found, and was my immediate favorite — the quirky, off-beat designs perfectly meshed with my own personality, and with the kinds of things I wanted to be able to give my customers. 

                                                                              Model: Mzz Boston      Photo: Ed King

Describe your shop and kinds of things you offer.

I vend at Renaissance Faires (as well as online), selling garb and accessories.  I make clothing ranging from Medieval to Colonial in period, with occasional ventures into Victorian and Steampunk. Waistcoats, hats, skirts, pirate sashes, vests, stuff like that.

Lately, I’ve been selling TONS of patches, though! I’ve found that the geekier you go on a patch, the more people will squeal over it — as a result, I make oodles of Doctor Who themed patches, along with absolutely tons of UT’s “Zombie Survival” patch. 

What made you take the plunge into starting your own business?

I had been involved with Ren Faires for quite a few years when I started. I started out as a cast member, and after a couple of years started doing the costume design for one of the companies I worked with.  I had costumed the King Arthur Faire, Robin Hood Faire, and Three Musketeers Faire several times when it dawned on me that designing and making clothing and garb was when I really felt happy and invigorated in my work.  

I did some polling around, asking other performers, “If I opened a shop, would you buy my stuff?” and they all said yes. (I mean sure,they were my friends, and they might have just been being nice…but I like to think that’s not the case.) Later that year, I signed up as a business with my town, built my first website, and I’ve been growing ever since.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since you began?

Never think this business is predictable!

Remember those patches I sell oodles of? It never even occurred to me to use my embroidery machine for that purpose until I had somebody write to me. She had seen Urban Threads’ “Dirigible” design on my website on another item, and wanted to know if she could get a couple of patches with it for her Airship Crew. I read UT’s tutorial on patches, made myself a circle border, ran the patches off, and took a moment to wonder if other people might be interested in patches. Now, patches (using both UT’s designs and my own) account for easily 90% of my Etsy sales!

                                                             Model: Jenn Rykowski      Photo: Kyle Cassidy

Where would you like to see your shop in one year?

Ooh, I’d LOVE to be self-sustaining. More realistically, though, I’d like to be doing enough business that I can switch to a part-time job. I think, especially in today’s economy, doing a more gradual transition from steady paycheck to living off my art is a good idea.  I’d also love to have a second embroidery machine, to be honest, to better keep up with the business I’m already getting!

                                                                                                             Photo: Michael Bailey

Steampunk sylings are definitively a hot ticket this year, but it’s not just the stitching that makes Storied Threads so fabulous, it’s what she puts it on! I mean, that steampunk raygun bag? Totally to die for. I would wear that thing everywhere.

I love Veronica’s advice that you can take this slow, gradually building you business until you feel it’s ready to take you to full time work. It’s great to do something you love for a living! These Urban Entrepreneurs are doing just that, one step at a time.

Do you use Urban Threads designs to create one of a kind products? Want to see your story or your store featured here? Send us an e-mail at with a link to your store, website or attach sample photos, and you could be featured!

Lace Webs by NeSpoon

Not that I’m dissing nature in any way, but if these were the only kinds of webs that appeared in the corners of my basement, I’d be a happy gal

These are not the work of on industrious arachnid with a needle, instead they are the beautiful installations of NeSpoon, a very talented Polish street artist.

The Shrunken Head

"The Shrunken Head"

Rock. On.

Hands down, my favorite pet costume I’ve ever seen. Crestedcrazy, you are crazy. In all the best ways that count.

Fantastic entry to the Urban Threads costume contest too, with all those lovely lace skulls and bats. Have you started stitching for Halloween yet?

Flickr Roundup

As usual, you might be forgiven of late for being distracted by all the adorable pups, horses and kitties that took over the flickr pool for awhile, but there are some things that really ought not be missed.

Let’s see just a few of what’s popped up of late…

Steamed at Dragoncon

You can never go wrong with kicking things off with a little steampunk style, right? And flourishes got it just right.


Looking to add a little cool to your wardrobe? Yes indeed. Julieann20 did just that by splitting the seam and adding some embroidered coolness. Where have we seen something like this before?

Oh yeah, when we got all glammed up in Stitches Magazine, thought I’m pretty sure Julie Ann did it first. I’m now thinking I have a lot of very boring pairs of jeans. Thanks for the inspiration, Julie Ann!

my cherrie apron

OMG, could you just die of cuteness?

I don’t cook, but I would try my darndest if I had this little number, just to have a viable excuse to wear it around. Creations by Dawn decided to redo her whole kitchen in a cherry theme, and this is the little apron to match. Oh, the red lace is killing me! I love it.

sit hand pillow

Huzzah, Stitchfork has joined us on flickr! I follow her blog pretty regularly, and she has the prettiest photos of her embroidery on there.  It was such a treat to see one show up in the flickr pool.

And this? Too adorable. Way to be commanding, snarky and cute all in one go. Not easy to pull off in one pillow.

Happy Monster Pillows...

Happy Monster pillows are happy!

As was scandinaviangrrl when she bought a new IKEA chair for sewing. I think these little monsters are just the thing to liven it up.

Taylor's got a brand new bag.

Noordermeer1 has accomplished what many have tried and failed at before… stitching for a teenage guy! She has pulled it off masterfully. Taylor looks pretty slick with his new bag.

Tin Girl

More steampunk! And what steampunk it is… dj_ghostuk is at it again, this time making an amazing stitched gear bodice for this seriously sweet Tin Girl costume.

I’m starting to think I should just have a whole section for amazing embroidered steampunk costumes. Please tell me you’re entering this into our costume contest, right dj_ghostuk?

Fearghus not happy about wearing another hat

Speaking of adorable costumes…

Ok, so little Fearghus doesn’t look super thrilled to be modeling that slick top hat, but I think he looks fabulous. That blue that Lemon Tree Tales picked out really brings out his uh… eyes, don’t you think?

As usual, to check out all the stitchy goodness, head on over to our flickr group for and eyeful, and a healthy dose of inspiration!

Do you want to see your stuff featured in a roundup? Upload it to our flickr pool or e-mail it to!