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UT Tutorial – Gilded Lace Mustache Necklace

Both darling and dapper at the same time… it’s the gilded mustache necklace! Classy in gold, because when my brain thinks of the classiest thing to add gold leaf to, it comes up with a mustache. Of course, brain. Nothing more ladylike and delicate than that.

Grab your lace mustache here, and the check the tutorial to find out how to make it shine as the worlds most dapper and darling necklace, always at the ready for a quick disguise.

Lace Portrait

This amazing lace portrait by artist Pierre Fouché was made over a period of four years using bobbin lace, a handmade form of lace made by twisting strands of thread together. Yeah. Wow.

via Colossal

The Delicate Stitches of the Disarranged Studio

Freestyle machine embroidery artist Lauren Evatt Finley proves just how magical a sewing machine can be with these amazing and delicate machine stitched pieces. She even makes lace!

Check out more embroidery wonders on her blog The Disarranged Studio.

UT Tutorial – Steampunk Wind Chime

Spring has sprung and Steampunk is in the air! Check out this tutorial for how to make your very own Steampunk wind chime out of embroidery supplies and found trinkets.

Non embroiderers, If you’re feeling curious, you don’t need an embroidery machine to give this one a try, just substitute real keys in place of the lace ones, and leave the hoop blank.

It won’t be quite as awesome, but really, nothing is without the magic of embroidery. Sadly, it’s a fate some suffer in life.

Also noted – this tutorial manages to combine freestanding lace, embroidery supplies, vintage trinkets, and gears. If only we could involve a bird somehow it would be a trend compilation masterpiece.

Heard enough already? Check out the tutorial to find out how to make your own.

UT Tutorial – Battenburg Lace Bookmark

Battenburg Lace

Given how popular lace is around here, we are all kinds of excited to try out a whole new type of lace with you called Battenburg.

Battenburg lace is digitized differently than our traditional lace designs, and it uses cotton thread instead of synthetic thread to create its structure. The cotton thread gives this lace a much softer, more flexible feel. Being us, of course, we couldn’t help but mix up the traditional formula a bit, and combined it with some cool satin textures to really make lace that pops as a super cool bookmark. And you know, we had to combine it with something suitably dark like Poe. It’s just how we roll.

Get the design here and then check out this tutorial to learn how to stitch this new delicate kind of lace.

UT Tutorial – Articulated Lace Bunny

Stitch a little reminder that spring is on the way with this freestanding lace bunny design. Why? Because it’s pretty. Pretty doesn’t need a reason.

Grab your bunny here, and then learn how to make him in what has to be our shortest tutorial ever.

UT Tutorial – Lace Infinity Scarf

My new favorite hipster trend: Scarves!

My go to accessories are infinity scarves, since the stay wrapped up and cozy no matter what. They are also, not surprisingly, a great place for embroidery.

This week’s tutorial will show you how to make this gorgeous infinity scarf in a snap, and better yet, gives you a great excuse to grab one of those big, delicate designs you’ve been dying to use on something, like this design from guest artist Meg Adamson.

Worried it will get lost in the fold? Don’t stress so much! Let you embroidery become part of the texture of the scarf. It’s a subtle way to let it shine, and it will still stand out, I promise.

Ready to make one? Get the tutorial here.