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Color Inspirations – Turquoise & Tinsel

Get brave with your holiday colors on a design that is already influenced by the season with this Turquoise & Tinsel color inspiration.

The holiday color inspirations continue! The fun thing about holiday designs is a strong festiveĀ theme can usually carry a non-traditional color scheme pretty well, as the “holiday” part is already pretty clear. So get brave with your colors! Try some tinsel-inspired metallic silvers set next to earthy tones of browns and creams. Then give it that festiveĀ “pop” with a beautiful, saturated turquoise! See how it compares to the original.

Which do you prefer?

Tutorial – Floss Wrapped Wreath

Beautiful and subtle rainbow floss wreath idea from Duo Fiberworks. Love the combination of the natural with the vibrant colors! Get the tute.

via Poppytalk.