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Handmade Highlights – Little Jed

Handmade Highlights - The best in hand embroidery projects from Urban Threads customers.

Such a lovely idea! A “subway style” birth announcement in embroidery, with a little elephant and fox detail. What a darling keepsake for the babies room! Keep up the good work daisyeyes.

Handmade Highlights – Santa Tea Towel


Tis the season! Thismomloves hand embroidered the Snowstorm Santa design on a white linen dish towel. I am always looking for sweet and thoughtful handmade gifts to give, and this piece would be perfect! It’s always great inspiration to see how you can create some of your own hand embroidered gifts, or if not, buy some from a local craft fair and support the handmade community this holiday season!

Just Because It’s Handmade


If you’re not a crafter and you get something handmade, don’t assume they were too cheap to buy you something. Sometimes, that gift took money AND time. They must really like you. Act accordingly.

Handmade Highlights – Butterfly Hoop


Aimee D hand stitched these incredible butterfly hoops. I love the colors she used, transforming the butterfly completely from the original design. I love when hand embroiderers take UT designs to new beautiful heights with their crafty talents. Check out the Miniature Menagerie pack for a few more summery insects and decorative designs, all great for hand stitching!

Handmade Highlights – Sew or Dye Shirt


Tina changed “Sew or Die” to “Sew or Dye” in this colorful hand embroidery. She also created the shirt pattern, and has an obvious passion for sewing. Hand embroidering a garment gives it such a cool look. I know it takes a lot of extra time to hand stitch something that size, and I think it was totally worth the effort.

Grab your own Sew or Die design and show the world your passions.

Handmade Highlights – Origami Bunny


Kim took the origami bunny design to a whole new dimension when she added all satin stitching to the basic outlines. The weight of her satin stitches add such a nice depth and interest to her piece. Well done Kim!

Try your own satin version of the Origami Bunny, or try the other cute animals included in this Origami border design.

Handmade Highlights – Foxy Mini Rug


Heidi hooked this mini 6″ x 6″ rug of adorableness. She used 1/4″ hand dyed wool strips, and completed the piece with a traditional quilter’s binding. I am seriously impressed at the skills Heidi used to create such an amazing mini masterpiece.

The Woodland Wonderland Fox is available and ready to be stitched onto your next project of cuteness!