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Ulyana Sergeenko’s Embroidered Glasses

I always love peeking at runway fashions from time to time to see what crazy or amazing use of embroidery pops up next. These amazing embroidered goods (glasses! what next?) are from designer Ulyana Sergeenko’s Couture 2013 collection. I love her playful use of folk style embroidery combined with modern and chic accessories!





A little bonkers looking, and maaaybe just DIY-able with the right materials, if you were so inclined…

Tutorial – Embroidered Pillow With Real Headphones


You know what’s cuter than an adorable embroidered headphone pillow? One with real headphones inside! Yup, that chic embroidery is hiding an even cooler secret… you can use this pillow to listen to music, podcasts and audio books while lying down. Want to know how? Get the tutorial on how to stitch the headphones into a pillow here, and then get the quick embroidered pillow cover tutorial here, all over on Look What I Made! 

The Latest from Maricor/Maricar

I always love seeing the latest creative embroidery goods coming out of dream team Maricor/Maricar. It’s always such a breath of fresh air!





Want to see more of these projects and their latest shenanigans? Visit their website.

Flickr Roundup

I’m in love with all the amazing work in the UT Flickr group. Let me count the ways with a February roundup!

Valentine's Kitties

These sweet, quirky Valentines day kitties by Weirdlings are so much fun! I love the different color ways of the doodle heart, and of course the little embroidered eyes really bring these kitties to life.


My baby Olive, loves baths and yellow ducks! I think this quilt is right in her wheel house. Kathleen really had a creative stroke of genius when putting this together.


Dueling duck quilts! This one by Katrina adds great typography to the quilt layout.

Bacon Cat Towel is Born

Of course Steampunk Bacon Cat should live in the kitchen! Vintage FairyTale’s made this awesome ruffled kitchen towel.


This beautiful wedding bunting with gorgeous celtic charms was created by the anti cute. This would be great to decorate for any romantic occasion.

Odo likes his new pouch

What what what?! Hak42 has a steam punk sugar glider named Odo?! Odo really has a sweet little home in this embroidered bag.


I love these wristlets by Jessica that use some neat skull and music embroidery. These look so fun and can store so many usefully tiny things you might need on hand.

DQS10 Extras

The colors on this doodle bird really pop! I love the way Tami paired embroidery and fabric designs.

Night Sky 1

Pippa created a beautiful space quilt with glow in the dark thread for the constellations. She created the milky way with a bleach splattering technique.


This stunning evolution hand towel by stichfork makes me want to bake some crumpets and throw a valentines day tea party!

Flight of Fancy journal

Wow! Heather carved a rubber stamp, then printed the image and pasted it to a journal cover. This flight of fancy design never looked better!


I wanted to show off the mad hand embroidery skills by idurrant20. This rose detail from the dark fairy tale series is exquisite.

Embroidered Covered Box

Yes! Timewrinker wins again! She created this cute celtic heart box and I love the rick rack border.

I love how versatile and imaginative everyone is with their embroidery. Keep sharing the love and posting pictures to the UT Flickr group of all the amazing projects you create. We love seeing it, and we love you all!

Do you want to see your stuff featured in a roundup? Upload it to our flickr pool or e-mail it to, and you could see your stuff on StitchPunk.


Tutorial – Embroidered Paper Tea Cup


Looking for something sweet to hold a gift on Valentines, or maybe just give on its own? Next to Nicx has a template and easy tutorial on how to make this great little gift. Fill it with chocolates and you have the perfect embroidered valentines surprise!

Get the tutorial here

Urban Entrepreneurs – Bleu Roo

We have a lovely new hand stitching Urban Entrepreneur for you today, only our second hand embroiderer of the group! Today we’re featuring the styling stitches of Bleu Roo, who has taken her love of embroidery one step further by turning her creations into adorable wall hangings, pillows and re-usable snack bags so you can bring your favorite embroidery everywhere.  I love seeing cute stitches in a hoop, but I also really love to see them adorning things you can use every day!

Amanda joins us today to share with us a little of what it’s like to be a hand stitcher in the Etsy world…

What started you into embroidery?

I really don’t remember the very first time I picked up a needle and thread, but I’ve always loved the aesthetic of embroidery ever since I was a kid.  I love how just a few stitches can transform a piece of clothing or a bag, or that it can be used as an art form all its own.  And it’s something that’s been done for literally thousands and thousands of years.  Embroidery has a rich history in almost every culture from all over the world.  It can be just a very simple running stitch, or an elaborate design incorporating several different stitches; I love them all the same!

Where did you first find Urban Threads?

I was just searching around for unique, hip designs to embroider.  It’s so hard to find really modern, fun embroidery designs, they are mostly images that your grandmother would have used decades ago (no duckies or teddy bears, please!).  So it was on one of these internet searches that I stumbled across Urban Threads.  A very happy day, indeed!  Plus, since I can’t draw a straight line to save my life it was important to find designs that I would be free to use on items that I sell.  So UT has been the perfect place of inspiration ever since.

What made you take the plunge into starting your own store?

I discovered Etsy back in ’06, I suppose not very long after it launched.  I urged my friend to start selling her pinback buttons.  Then after I had my son in ’07 I was looking for a way to possibly stay home with him while still bringing in a little income.  I didn’t go straight from A to B, but over the course of the years I have in fact turned my tiny little shop into something that does indeed help me live my dream of being a stay at home mom while still contributing financially.

What kinds of folks are your customers?

My customer base is primarily moms, buying snack bags for their little tykes to take to school.  I didn’t really set out with a target customer in mind, I mainly make things that I enjoy and hope that others do to!

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since you began?

Over estimate everything!  Over estimate the time it will take you to finish a project, or the amount of supplies you’ll need.  Too many late nights and too many emergency runs to the fabric shop!  I think I’ve got it down now. ;)

Also, don’t jump in with opening a shop before you do your research.  It will save you many headaches down the line.

Where would you like to see your shop in one year? Any fun stuff planned for the future?

Honestly, I think I’ve landed in a good place with my shop.  I’d like to still be busy yet sane!
My newest venture for my shop are embroidered pendants.  I’m in love with them and wish I had started them sooner!  And I’m constantly adding new UT designs. :)


Thank you, Amanda, for sharing your darling creations! I can’t imagine what little tyke wouldn’t like to bring their snacks to school in such cute embroidered creations. All the best in doing what you love!

Do you use Urban Threads designs to create one of a kind products? Want to see your story or your store featured here and join our gang of Urban Entrepreneurs? Send us an e-mail at with a link to your store/website or attach sample photos, and you could be featured!

A New Find




I can’t find out a whole lot about Junko Oki, but I’m totally intrigued. See more on her website.