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Handmade Highlights – Cozy Kitties


Kim left this super cute set of photos on our facebook page, sharing that, “Yesterday I taught England how to hand embroider. She finished the design today and I couldn’t be more proud!! I am so thankful that all my kids are creative and love to make.”

How adorable!

Handmade Highlights – Bah Humbug


Delightfully festive, and oh so quirky. Lisa Leggett on instagram stitched this merry Bah Humbug last Christmas for a friend, obviously someone with a sense of humor. It’s too cute not to bring up again!

Handmade Highlights – Little Jed

Handmade Highlights - The best in hand embroidery projects from Urban Threads customers.

Such a lovely idea! A “subway style” birth announcement in embroidery, with a little elephant and fox detail. What a darling keepsake for the babies room! Keep up the good work daisyeyes.

Handmade Highlights – Santa Tea Towel


Tis the season! Thismomloves hand embroidered the Snowstorm Santa design on a white linen dish towel. I am always looking for sweet and thoughtful handmade gifts to give, and this piece would be perfect! It’s always great inspiration to see how you can create some of your own hand embroidered gifts, or if not, buy some from a local craft fair and support the handmade community this holiday season!

Handmade Highlights – Undead Rockabilly


Even though Dia de los Muertos was a couple of days ago, I couldn’t help sharing this awesome hand stitched applique sugar skull from mrscreativegypsy. He’s just one little piece of the original design, but her stitches have added so much character, he’s amazing on his own!

Handmade Highlights – Book Cover


I love this sweet hand stitched book covers by Benhy Costello. The peacock feathers look great, and it’s such a creative way of covering cherished books!

Urban Entrepreneurs -Craftypodes


What’s the one thing you wish you knew when you started your store?

The one thing we wish we’d known is that Internet shoppers respond well to just being yourself. You don’t need to compete with other makers!