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Free designs for Hackerspaces!

Ever heard of hackerspaces? They’re cool places that have been popping up all over the world where you can rent time on specialized equipment and generally join a band of merry makers who make all kinds of things. As well as things like welding, robotics, and general industry, hackerspaces are starting to support crafters too! And we’d love to see them support stitchers of the mechanical variety as well…

So Hackerspaces, take note! – We’re offering some FREE designs to any hackerspace hosting a machine, so newbies can try out some awesome designs on a hosted machine. We’ve got all kinds of geektastic designs coming out this week to celebrate. This is a sneak peek of the designs coming out this week!

So! Got a hackerspace near you, but no machine? Tell em to pick one up so you can try your hand at machine embroidery! All they need to do is contact us at with the name & location of their hackerspace and their preferred format for their embroidery machine and we’ll set them up with some awesome designs. ¬†We’re happy to support crafty hackerspaces as best we can, because we think machine embroidery is pretty awesome and hope everyone gets a chance to give it a try.

Check out more details over on MAKE!

*Note – the title on Make is a bit misleading. These are not free designs on our website, but may be included in the pack for hackerspaces*